Victoria College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I were able to go back and give my high school senior self advice about college, it would definitely be to learn how to effectively organize course materials and develop time management skills. I did not care much about how well I did in high school so I saw no point in keeping my course materials organized or going out of my way to study. During my first semester of college I quickly learned how important good organizational skills were in order to be successful and efficient. It took me a few semesters before I realized how critical it is to specifically set time aside to study for each class in order to stay ahead and avoid falling behind. Had I known to do these things before starting college, I feel like I would be far more successful than I am now.


Don't procrastinate. Continue your education right after high school.


When I was in high school I didn't learn the things that I should of learned, but now I've learned a lot of things that I didn't think my life would be the way it is now. I love my life with my family, but I wish that I would have learned the things that I know now because my life would be different, but then I would not have my kids today. After graduation I didn't know what was life because my parents didn't teach me a lot and also in my pass I had a bad experience that made me not care about myself and life until I got married. Now my husband changed all that to where I understand what is life for our kids and myself. Finishing college and getting my degree would make me proud of myself and show my kids that if can do it that they can do it themselves. In my future I would love a new house and car to show my self that we all can change the person that you are to a that would help and love everyone.


In high school I never really paid attention and it has affected me alot. My parenst never attend college, so i didnt think it was something that I should be worried about. Since it has been fours year since I have graduate, i've learned that having education is very important. I look back and i see how my parents struggle and how stressful it is and i just dont want to go threw that. So i hoping to succeed in my major so that I can help give my parents a better life.


Going back to the beginning freshmen year of highschool I take into consideration the regretable actions I have performed to get where I currently stand in college now. From my experiences at Victoria College, I have oftenly noticed that developing a stable relationship with your college is highly important. In addition to building a relationship with your college, I have taken in account that setting goals and attemping to accomplish them to the best of your ability is crucial, as well. So, going back to my freshmen year, I would have given advice to myself about the relevance of attaining relationships with college professors and authorities as well as setting goals and accomplishing them accordingly.


Karissa, you were accepted into the Visual Arts Scholastic Event where your artwork is judged and you can be offered scholarships. Do not take this for granted, many artist strive to be reconized and you have the opportunity to make a difference! I know you are tired of the boring art classes offered, but continue studying photography on your own time and push yourself to create photos you could not have imagined. Build up your portfolio and get critics advice, this will be a key to colleges acceptance and awards. Apply for as many scholorships possible, if you do not you will be stuck in this small town community college wishing many years of your life away, simply because your dream art school will not be affordable. High school is childs play, while college consists of responsibility and dedication, so do not let stress take you down. Be prepared to try your hardest, you know you will since you are such a perfectionist, which makes you capable of achieving the things you dream about.


If I could go back in time I would definately tell myself to be more prepared. Start thinking about what career I might like to persue and find out if there were any high school classes I could take that would make the transition to my feild of study easier when I do get to college. Taking some classes in high school might make the course material easier in college if I have seen it before. I would also tell myself to start looking for colleges that I might like to apply to, tour the campuses, or go to an information day at the college to learn my way around get to know a little more about the college I might be attending. I would also tell myself to keep my grades up, I know that graduating high school can sometimes make you want to slack off a little but I would tell myself to stick with it and not completely overlook my studies. Also it is never too early to start applying for scholarships or loans, of which there are many available for high school students who have not even graduated yet.


The advice I would give myself would have to be to study, study, study, as well as reading. When I was in high school I was a student that could listen to my teacher and never have to read or study and I would still make an A in the class. College is very different. You have to study and read to pass. I also would give advice to take finals seriously. I always thought ohhh finals are no big deal, there really not true, the high school teachers just do it to scare us. I found out this was not true after my first semester of college. I would like to end on taking your high school life seriously but with a little fun. What you learn in high school is that base of knowledge everyone needs to succeed in life.