Villanova University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are the most spirited students that you will find on any college campus in the entire world, especially during basketball season!


I would describe most classmates as rich, upper class, religious, work-oriented, conservative individuals.


The students at Villanova are primarily Caucasian since it is a catholic university. However the diversity is slowly increasing in Villanova with each incoming class. There are multiple cultural clubs that students can join in order to feel at home and enrich their college experience.


My classmates are white and generally not too focused on schoolwork.


Students at Villanova vary in shape sizes and color; it is truly a diverse school. Most students do dress up to go to class especially the boys and those in business school. All students interact with each other; it is a very friendly environment. Most students do use the gym and attend the free classes that are offered.


My classmates are simply amazing.


Though most of the students here at Villanova are from Pennsylvania or New Jersey, there are plenty of students that are from different states and from different countries. For instance, during my time here at Villanova, I have met people from California, Hawaii, Indonesia, Beijing, and Vietnam. Because of the community that Villanova creates among its students, you have the opportunity to meet others from different ethnic backgrounds.


Some of my best friends are LGBT, despite the fact that this is a Jesuit school. Not a ton of artsy kids, and people LOVE to dress up for class, but it hasn't stopped me from wearing my pajamas from time to time. Despite stereotypes about rich kids, people of all financial backgrounds are here.


There's a bit of everything here. Most kids come from religious and conservative families, but there's no social tension. Mostly white, but there is a growing number of minority students (Asian, Latino, African-America). I have not experienced or witnessed any discrimination on campus based on race. All types of students interact. The four tables of students in the dining hall are: Athletes, Jersey, Frat, Quiditch club. Again, most students are loaded, and most are conservative, although a few are wayyy left. There are clubs on campus to appease people on every point in the spectrum. Student's don't talk about how much they'll earn because it's not an issue. A 'Nova degree doesn't guarantee success, but it's getting to the point where you have to try not to get a good least in the business school.


Villanova students are known for their service. We have so many organizations and events that are solely dedicated to helping our community. For example, we host the largest student-run Special Olympics festival in the world. The student body gets together with alumni across the country in the annual St. Thomas of Villanova Day, in which all Villanovans go out to the community and help those in need. Many students spend their fall and spring breaks on service break trips, traveling to underprivileged locations around the world to help build houses, teach children, and help to better the lives of others. There are various racial, religious, and LGBT groups on campus. I honestly do not believe that anyone could feel out of place at Villanova. If you identify with any race, any religion, or any other group, I can almost guarantee that there will be an organization on campus that you will fit into. Students do dress well for classes for the most part. Wearing pajamas to class isn't very common. Villanova gear and jeans is fairly common. I have friends from other colleges who are surprised that students don't wear pajamas to class. People don't dress fancy for class, but students do put effort into their appearances. You may see students walking around in suits if they have interviews or presentations that day!


My classmates are insightful people. Most of them are kind and are fine in class. Most of them are also high over-achievers so it pushes you to do better as well. It becomes a friendly competition.


My classmates are the type of people who go to class if they have to and learn what they have to, while trying to have a good time along the way.


My classmates are smart, dedicated, kind and unique.


Well-rounded, upper middle class, fun


My classmates are motivated, hard workers who have excellent high school educations, but who enjoy partying.


My classmates are diverse, involved, hard working, and serve for communities, such as Philadelphia, Villanova campus, and areas where poverty exists, and serve for populations where help is needed.


I know some interesting characters including two guidos, a random guy with discreet baseball knowledge, a sex addict, a pyro, multiple high kids, a ginger with two modes: walk and suck face, a male nurse, this guy named the jizzler, and a host of others.


Villanova students are dedicated and aspiring people who have brought with them the morality that enables us to show the world our dedication to the communities we share.


My classmates are funny, smart, questioning, serious, driven, sad, angry, lost, happy, tenacious and diverse. I can't describe them all in one sentence.


Do not judge a book by it's cover.


My classmates can be described as hard-working individuals driven to succeed in life, while always leaving room for a little bit of fun in their lives.


They are dedicated, motivated, and willing to go the extra mile.


People watching at Villanova in all weathers will give you a good idea of what fashion trends are found here.


My classmates are people I learn with both inside and outside of the classroom through constant engagement in both academic and extracurricular activities.


My classmates are nice, kind people who have great school spirit and are very intelligent and willing to be your friend.


Very outgoing, open-minded, friendly, and intuitive.


My classmates are friendly and motivated individuals.




My classmates are very outgoing, hard workers, and interested in learning.


My classmates are very intelligent young men and women who are competitive and do need to open their eyes more to what the world has to offer outside of Villanova.


Very motivated and friendly




Generally, Villanova students are all very eager and excited to learn and to participate in thorough class discussions that take the lessons beyond just what the professor lectures about.


Average, Bland, Non-Dreamers, Critical of you if you do not help the poor


My classmates are driven and focused.


generally friendly, mostly caucasian, some tend to be snobby


They are very academically focused, and intelligent. As engineers the curiculum is challenging, and everyone has groups of friends to get the work done.


Some students have not been exposed to diversity and can be very ignorant sometimes.


The students here at Villanova are hard-working, motivated, and very intelligent young people who offer a great deal of perspective.


I am going to be honest, the majority of students at Villanova are white. And the majority of the students are from the Northeast; New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. California, ironically is the 4th most represented state after those three. The majority of students went to private Catholic schools. So if you are a student that doesn't fall into any of those categories, you are unique in a way. Racially, after the white students, Asians and African Americans are represented. Now there is no racial tension; everyone gets along and has no problem with one another. But some of the ethnic groups do, naturally stay together most of the year. Now the style is basically prep, but not to the extent of a BC or Vanderbilt. Most kids will have a few polos, but they don't dress like that to class. Most people are casual and have some style. It is easy to pick out kids from the West Coast as they sport their graphic tees and designer jeans. Most of the students have money and come from succesfull parents or families. But the majority of the students don't flaunt their money and you would never know they were loaded. There are exceptions, but most of the students have a level head about it which is great. Villanova is a predominatly liberal-republican school. The majority of the students are more right. We keep up on the political campign and are jumping on the bandwagon with the green effect. As the students get older, they start talking about Wallstreet and politics more. I know this year I have been envlolved in a few heated politcal debates with some buddies over dinner. A year previous to that, I would have never been arguing about such things.


Too many kids forget that there are students at nova who DON'T fall into the typical white heterosexual upper class majority. LGBT students need more support from their peers at nova, period. People need to loosen up and open their minds...


The student body although mostly caucasian, does have some diversity. People are of all religious and come from all over the world. Domestically speaking from 49 states. I dont think anyone would feel out of place. Students do wear actual clothes to class rather than sweats. But, you can wear sweats if you want. When it gets warm out, students tend to dress nicer.


Walking through campus, I see friends everywhere. On my 10 minute commute from my west campus apartment to the corner grill for lunch, I can see about 25 friends and people I know. Dining services at the food halls often times know the students by name, and there is always something going on at the "oreo." Most kids senior year start planning for after graduation relatively early and many have jobs or plans for after school by the time winter break rolls around. Many of them have families that acknowledge the need to be independant after school, and the rest are pushed to feel this by their group of friends. On weekends...or just random week day nights...Nova students are at mainline bars, at of campus parties, or hanging out in dorm rooms. I think recently there has been such scrutiny around college kids partying and how schools need to crack down to become dry campuses. Villanova has found a happy medium between allowing students to have a social life and maintaining a safe environment by making them aware that responsible decision making is expected. They appropriately consider college students to be adults at this point in their lives, and the students in turn see the respect they are being given and value that in their behavior.


There is variety within the student body, but not nearly enough for it to be considered "diverse" in any sense of the word. If you're an artsy kid, don't go to Villanova, unless you're really, really self-motivated. Overall, most of the kids are either really, really boring or just want to drink all of the time so that they'll have stories to tell later. Now, don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good party every once in a while, but suddenly you realize that everyone is just waiting for the weekend so that they can get drunk. Mondays are terrible, not because of all the work you have to do, but because you're that much further away from Thursday, or even, for some, Wednesday. Mostly, it's pathetic, and you can easily not be a part of that crowd, it's just that it's a really, really big crowd. So far I have met approximately five kids in my grade who had to worry about paying for school, and considering the huge cost of Villanova, that's saying something. Kids here are rich. Down the street one mile is a Ferrari/ Maserati dealership. You can get over it, but it's a lot to take in at first. My friend has a private jet. Seriously though. Rich kids. Usually very, very conservative, also very capitalist, if you're into that. However, as I said previously, there is SOME variety.


Villanova has a very specific mold that I would say about 90% of the students adhere to. There is very little diversity although over the past 4 years they have progressively added diversity to the campus. Since it is a Catholic School most students are practicing catholics although the religion is not so much imposed as is the agustinian philosophy that we should help those less fortunate. I found that to be an asset, not an imposition. Students who are very radical, politically active (non-republican), hippish, dont care about fashion, woudl tend to feel out of place although I feel like most people find their niche in Villanova. Most guys wear polos and kakhis to class, girls wear skirts, coach purses, uggs, very preppy style (eg. Polo, Ralph Lauren, J. Crew). Most students are from New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. MOst financial background is of high economic status. In terms of politics most students are Republican emulating their parents beliefs. Students expect to earn alot.


Everyone is incredibly friendly on Villanova's campus. No one discriminates based on race, gender, etc. I have found some really amazing people who are accepting of all cultures, religions, and races. The people are truly incredible, as I have mentioned in previous questions. Most students wear jeans to class, but if it's a nice day, the girls will dress up more. Most students are from the North Eastern part of the United States. Most kids are also from middle class families and many are supported by scholarships. For these past elections, we have had Chelsea Clinton, Michelle Obama, and John McCain all present on our campus. They really keep us involved in politics and came around to all of our dorms and had us register to vote. There is a mix between right, left, and center of the road people at Villanova. Students respect the opinions of others, though. Students are more concerned about their happiness than a paycheck at Villanova.


The students are often white and very rich. But they are usually very nice and love to learn. Even though everyone wears expensive clothes and drives fancy cars, no one is that arrogant or snobby. I take offense to so many people who are socially "conservative" because of their upbringings from Catholic families and schools. Many people vote Republican because they are "supposed to", but in reality they don't pay attention to politics. It would be nice to see more political activeness instead of apathy.


Great student body.


Student body very focused on service. Most are catholics and the 3 catholic masses on campus are packed every sunday. Students are generally very involved and busy. Once you turn 21 or if you are in a sorority/fraternity there are many fun weekend activities.


Most students dress nicely for class, especially girls. A student who dressed differently would probably stand out.