Villanova University Top Questions

Describe the students at Villanova University.


My classmates are the most spirited students that you will find on any college campus in the entire world, especially during basketball season!


I would describe most classmates as rich, upper class, religious, work-oriented, conservative individuals.


The students at Villanova are primarily Caucasian since it is a catholic university. However the diversity is slowly increasing in Villanova with each incoming class. There are multiple cultural clubs that students can join in order to feel at home and enrich their college experience.


My classmates are white and generally not too focused on schoolwork.


Students at Villanova vary in shape sizes and color; it is truly a diverse school. Most students do dress up to go to class especially the boys and those in business school. All students interact with each other; it is a very friendly environment. Most students do use the gym and attend the free classes that are offered.


My classmates are simply amazing.


Though most of the students here at Villanova are from Pennsylvania or New Jersey, there are plenty of students that are from different states and from different countries. For instance, during my time here at Villanova, I have met people from California, Hawaii, Indonesia, Beijing, and Vietnam. Because of the community that Villanova creates among its students, you have the opportunity to meet others from different ethnic backgrounds.


Some of my best friends are LGBT, despite the fact that this is a Jesuit school. Not a ton of artsy kids, and people LOVE to dress up for class, but it hasn't stopped me from wearing my pajamas from time to time. Despite stereotypes about rich kids, people of all financial backgrounds are here.


There's a bit of everything here. Most kids come from religious and conservative families, but there's no social tension. Mostly white, but there is a growing number of minority students (Asian, Latino, African-America). I have not experienced or witnessed any discrimination on campus based on race. All types of students interact. The four tables of students in the dining hall are: Athletes, Jersey, Frat, Quiditch club. Again, most students are loaded, and most are conservative, although a few are wayyy left. There are clubs on campus to appease people on every point in the spectrum. Student's don't talk about how much they'll earn because it's not an issue. A 'Nova degree doesn't guarantee success, but it's getting to the point where you have to try not to get a good least in the business school.


Villanova students are known for their service. We have so many organizations and events that are solely dedicated to helping our community. For example, we host the largest student-run Special Olympics festival in the world. The student body gets together with alumni across the country in the annual St. Thomas of Villanova Day, in which all Villanovans go out to the community and help those in need. Many students spend their fall and spring breaks on service break trips, traveling to underprivileged locations around the world to help build houses, teach children, and help to better the lives of others. There are various racial, religious, and LGBT groups on campus. I honestly do not believe that anyone could feel out of place at Villanova. If you identify with any race, any religion, or any other group, I can almost guarantee that there will be an organization on campus that you will fit into. Students do dress well for classes for the most part. Wearing pajamas to class isn't very common. Villanova gear and jeans is fairly common. I have friends from other colleges who are surprised that students don't wear pajamas to class. People don't dress fancy for class, but students do put effort into their appearances. You may see students walking around in suits if they have interviews or presentations that day!