Villanova University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Ideally, people who would bring more diversity to the campus. Though to be 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} comfortable and feel as though you easily fit in? Be white, rich, Catholic, heterosexual, and conservative.


This school is wonderful for people looking to get involved in many different opportunities. There are communities and clubs for every single individuals, and professors, advisors, and upperclassmen encourage freshmen to sign up for as many clubs and activities as possible.


The Villanova student is willing to challenge himself in terms of character, ability, and comfort. If one wants to attend Villanova, they should long to be part of a greater community and be ready to cultivate relationships. The kids here at Nova are always looking for ways to connect with others, through service, group projects and on-campus events. The Villanova student seeks to balance hard work with social leisure and has a keen sense of fulfilling both crucial parts of one's college experience. Through helping each other, Villanova students better themselves.


The type of individual that should attend this school is one who is studious, but at the same time not completely focused on the academic aspect of college. They should enjoy participating in University actvities such as sporting events along with community service. Furthermore, this school encourages individuals to pursue their passions, and therefore ambitious individuals would definitely thrive at Villanova. Lastly, this school is good for individuals who wish to maintain their faith away from their home, as this school is very religiously involved and strong believes in the benefits of faith.


You should attend this school to find a community willing to provide academic rigor.


The student that would thrive at Villanova University would be a highly motivated, creative, and goal oriented person. Villanova has a religious foundation which is a good match for students with a strong moral code. Students of varying religious backgrounds meld well in the University's academic and social lifestyles. Students that want a sense of community will find that the University has a uniting spirit stemming from their strong academic and athletic programs. A student that holds high expectations for their school's reputation will be an ideal match for Villanova University.


The ideal student at Villanova University is motivated, creative, persistent, passionate, kind, ambitious, and hard-working.


Someone who is intelligent and can handle the workload and someone who is financially able to handle the high expenses.


Someone who is eager to learn and enthusiastic about getting a well-rounded education. These students should appreciate their chance on getting a quality education but also be expected to be part of the community in a social way as well.


Someone who enjoys working and partying hard would enjoy Villanova.


Students who want to meet new, fun people and students who want to give back. Villanova is all about service to others and how you, as an individual, can contribute to the community, both locally and abroad. Villanovans are typically socially, environmentally, and emotionally aware of others and truly want to make a positive impact in the world.


Villanova University is one that focuses on the "overall" student. They like students who academically try their hardest, excel or participate in sports and activities, and share a love for service and contributing to the community of Philadelphia. They are known as a community that embraces you like family and concentrates on helping students to succeed. A person who is dedicated in what they believe in, perseveres to always try their best no matter how smart, athletic, or involved they are, and strives for the highest. A person who is well rounded and thirsts for knowledge will love Villanova University.


Intelligent, hardworking, social men and women


A white student from a middle to upper class town in the Northeast who attributes themselves as preppy and slightly modern


One that is set and focused on their academic well-being. One that is responsible and able to make good use of their time when trying to balance out the work out of class and the work in class. A student at Villanova University needs to be open to what other people think, but not lose their own beliefs. At Villanova, it is essential for an indiviual to be outgoing and friendly, as the tight-knit community atmosphere of Villanova is one of the driving strong points of the university.


One that is very involved on campus, one that comes from an middle to upper class family, one that likes to volunteer and give back to the community, one that doesn't need fraternities and sororities to have a large presence on campus, one that likes small classes, one that likes a middle sized campus


Motivated, outgoing, involved, intelligent, and friendly people. People here are generally good people, who fit the mold of excellent students who are very involved, especially in community service. You don't necessarily need to be religious but there is a strong sense of community which does involve the church. People generally come from good backgrounds but are not limited to that.


A person who is looking for a medium sized college that is very invovled in the community, locally and globally. Where the students enjoy learning and working hard to succeed. The class sizes are small and personal, and the professors are willing to help their studnets and learn from them as well.


Preppy, well-educated students.


Somebody who grew up in a traditional two-parent home, loves to get involved on campus and dedicated to getting good grades.


Villanova is a great school for students who want a strong sense of community spirit and a very friendly student body. Community service opportunites are everywhere and students with interests in service are a good fit.


Someone who is looking for the complete college experience. They want a strong academic challenge but want to enjoy life and grow to become a more well-rounded person.


good people


Very average people who want an average job, good education, and discriminatory social activities.


A person who is fun but very focused on their studies and their careers. They also would have to be fun but would need to come from a upper-middle class family to feel comfortable here. They must be fun but able to understand that this isn't a huge party school.


Intelligent, wants to learn, driven, motivated, preppy, affluent.




very enthustic about learning, pleasant, happy


You should attend this school if you are middle class-upper class, conservative, athletic, and intelligent. This school is one that prides itself on its spirit and you should be active in and around your community if you wish to come here. You need to be able to have good time management, because it takes some effort to balance your social and academic lives. It helps to be athletic, because there is always a pickup game of basketball or football going on. Also, this school lacks diversity, so you may fit in better if you're Caucasian or white.