Villanova University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?

Hee Jae

Students who are looking for a metropolitan school should not apply here; it is a very suburban school.


Not all that close to the city, so not someone who's looking for a genuine urban experience.


A person who want to go to a huge school should not go here. Villanova isn't tiny but its on the smaller side.


Anyone without a solid work ethic or ability to work well with others should not attend. You also must be willing to persevere in order to accomplish your goals, so any un-motivated person should stay away also.


If your not comfortable enough in your own skin already this school won't help you develop it.


If you are not interested in participating in the school spirit Villanova offers, as well as the numerous extra-curricular activities available, you may feel very left out on campus. Villanova is definitely not for a student who focuses strictly on academic work, a large emphasis is placed on community work as well.


Anyone who is not willing to work should not attend Villanova University. The university challanges its students and the professors really make sure every student participates in class. The classes are very thought-provoking. Anyone who can't handle having to work hard and be able to balance their work and play should not come here.


None of the above or it'll get even weirder.


Anyone who is very closed off or mean-spirited. Villanova is incredibly community-focused and values friendships and relationships that last. Students that relish in competition for the sake of winning rather than for the opportunity and experience would also not work with Villanova. Students here are very competitive; however, students want to win to achieve and excel personally rather than to beat or "out-do" others.


Extremely independent and individually focused students should not attend this school, because they would not appreciate, enjoy, or want to be a part of the strong, tight knit community feel of the campus.


Lazy, unsocialable, uninvolved men and women


Villanova is an accepting community for students from many backgrounds; attending to the interests of all. Students who should not attlend Villanova are those who are not serious enough about their school work, but that are also to understand that there is more to life than the classroom. There is a ubiquitous sense of community that fills everyh ounce of the campus, and it is important that all participate. If one is not prepared for growth both professionally and personally, Villanova is not the the place for them.


Someone who is not motivated.


Someone who is not friendly or full of school spirit should avoid this school.


A greatly motivated, community service oriented, academically inclined student, who enjoys volunteering and doing extra-cirricular activities.


Someone who loves a city atmosphere


The kind of person who does not want learning to just take place in the classroom, and is eager to explore their interests and give back to the community.


A person who is unsociable and uninvolved. There are so many fun and interesting things to do on campus that enhance the college experience and make it that much better. A person who doesn't get involved might not enjoy their time, because, simply put, they will feel left out. Everyone at Villanova is so involved, whether it is in a sorority or helping with Special Olympics. If you don't want to get involved, then Villanova is not for you.


People who don't want to get involved with the school or don't care about schoolwork


Someone who is close minded and anti-social because they will not get out there and meet new people and will get the wrong idea of the school.


If a person is not committed to working hard academically or taking part in service activites while balancing a packed schedule and managing to make time for a social life, then that person should not attend this school.




Somebody who is close-minded or who is allergic to any amount of hard work should not attend this school. While at Villanova I've had my beliefs tested a couple of times in my ethics and philosophy classes and I've also had to put in a good amount of hard work to make sure my grades were good.


people who want to slack off


people who play sports


The stereotypical Villanovan is white, upper-middle class, east-coast prep. There is not a large focus on the arts or music. Everyone seems too over-involved in activities. While everyone does not fit this mold, sometimes it?s awkward if you don?t fully fit this role. If you?re the creative type that tends to go your own way (especially appearance-wise), it make take extra effort to find your niche.