Villanova University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is its emphasis on serving and giving back to the community in order to promote the "greater good." Between the annual "Day of Service," "Martin Luther King Service Day," and the countless opportunities to volunteer through campus ministry and other service groups around campus, there is always a way to get involved in some sort of service activity. I believe that this commitment makes Villanova students some of the friendliest, compasionate, and most well rounded inviduals in the world.


The greatest aspect of Villanova is that as a community, it promotes students to try new things- to take risks and step outside their comfort zones. Villanova wants its students to take up a new club, or try out an elective in a new field of interest, or see what types of service feel right for them. Here I feel as though I have no limitations on pursuing new interests. I am always given the opportunity to learn something I didn't know, or meet someone willing to both teach and learn.


The teachers. They care


There's a feeling you get when you become a part of the Nova Nation. It's hard to describe, but there's a sense of community here that's different from other colleges. Attending Villanova is something that I have in common with thousands of other people, and we have a mutual respect and loyalty to each other simply for attending Villanova. We're a family here, and I really don't think you see that at many other schools.


The best thing about Villanova is the commitment to service. The majority of the focus of the clubs and activities is service to others, which is one of the reasons I picked Villanova. Students are not only challenged academically but we are forced to think about the larger world and how our actions affect others. There is a strong emphasis on moral responsiblity - that is, if we have been given a lot, we have the responsibility to give back to the community.


Community aspect of school. Welcoming of new students. They want you to succees.


The best thing about my school is the dedication that the students have to their work and to service.


The best thing I consider about my school is the strong enthusiasm for service. Throughout the year, there are several opportunities to serve. St. Thomas of Villanova Day of Service is where students can sign up with student organizations (or make a group with their friends) and go to a service site for the day. There's also Special Olympics; Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service; service break trips; and weekly outings promoted by Campus Ministry. Most of the student body participates in these service opportunities because it's a great way to meet others while doing something beneficial.


The best thing about my school is the sense of community. Everybody seems to be on the same team. This is so great because it is such a welcoming feeling for nervous freshman.


The school has a perfect mix of academics, athletics, and service.


Diversity is one of the most important advantages of attending a unversity the size of Villanova University. Diversity on a college campus gives students the oppurtunity to learn and socialize with students of different ethnicities. I am a Human Service major, with a minor in Sociology and Psychology it is very important to be able to experience diversity at the same time your learning about it. I learned about different cultures in the class room and was able to socialize with different ethnicities to learn hands on about different cultures, which I believe has made me an opened minded person.


The sense of commraderie is an exstensive and part of student to student and student to faculty interaction. It is with this sens of community building that Villanova is able to shape outlets for those who needs; serving as a means of constant upliftment.


the food atmosphere and the people


Volunteer oriented


The Villanova turtle takes you on a tour of all things indicative of Villanova - big and small - that are important to every student who goes here.


Unigo campus rep Lauren takes you on a tour of the haunted buildings, scary stories, and other eerie spots on campus.


The best thing about Villanova is that it is a service-oriented, friendly campus with lots to offer to fit everyones' needs.


The strong sense of community that everyone shares. There is a genuine caring for each other and the world here. While it may be considered a bubble to many people, it is the best kind of bubble you would want to be in, one where there is abiding love and a family oriented environment.


The best thing about Villanova is the alumni association. When a school has the network and ties that Villanova does, that means that alumni want to stay associated with the school that provided so many good opportunities and experiences for them. The alumni at Villanova help keep the school flourishing.


The best thing about my school is the sense of community.


It is very career focused. A lot of information provided and also advice on preparing for life after graduation. I looked foward to career fairs every year.


I would consider our commitment to service and social awareness as the best part of Villanova. Almost every student on campus has done service at some point during their time at Villanova, with most doing service on a regular basis. We have an amazing Habitat for Humanity partnership and send students all over the country during all of the major breaks, as well as all over the world with our Mission trips. We also do regular service in the Philadelphia area, particularly in Philadelphia schools. Our Special Olympics is one of the best in the country.


Student involement in volunteering. Majority of the students are very involved with community service and giving back to those in need.


The best thing about Villanova has to be the faculty. Students are welcome to visit the professors with any questions, with the professors being very helpful in every way. In addition, many professors get to know the students beyond the classroom. Faculty often participate in volunteering alongside the students. Also, many professors invite students to dinner to better know the students and their goals as a student.


The best thing about my school is the small class sizes and the faculity's assistance in whatever students need. they are all very knowledgeable and helpful in their areas of expertise.


As an Augustinian University, Villanova is focused on service to the community. I consider this one of the University's strongest characteristics as it allows students to give and volunteer their time for worthwhile causes.


Villanova has great academic programs that anyone should be proud of attending.


friendliness of students, volunteerism and care for others


The community at Villanova is second to none. By the end of your first year, you have a strong group of friends and really feel like you found your niche. It is a perfect place to get involved and meet people right off the bat.


Students here have a lot of school pride, especially in our basketball team.


The best aspect of Villanova University is its high job placement and strong alumni network. It really helps in finding internships and jobs. Also, there is a strong sense of school spirit, which makes attending school sporting events extremely fun. Overall, the school has a very welcoming atmosphere.


Good rankings and reputation. Big companies recruit students from here and there are so many opportunities to get internships and co-ops and to network with people. They have good financial aid. Professors are all well qualified.


The school spirit on campus especially during Basketball season is unbelievable. Itr's one of the coolest feelings to be in the middle of the NovaNation student section at the Wachovia center. Its such a rush.


The best thing about Villanova is the community. Once you get involved in an activity or group, they tend to accept you almost immediately. Everything is extremely competitive to get into, but every club takes care of its members. The university itself promotes a sense of community for the whole school.


People are so friendly and willing to help. If something is lost, most items are returned to lost and found or left there for the owner to find when searching for it. There is a big sense of community on campus and everyone knows each other somehow.


The people. Everyone is friendly!


The sense of community and family.


Memorial Way is a popular student path to-and-from main campus for 'Nova freshmen.


St. Thomas of Villanova Statue