Vincennes University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The things I brag about when mentioning Vincennes University are the small classes, the availablility of professors, the hands on experience, and the general social aspect of the school.


When asked about my school, I usually find myself bragging about the access to different learning facilities, and the knowledge of professors. My school is considered to be small and in-efficient in comparison to 4 year colleges. Also, i continue to brag about the way i use my resources to help achieve my goal. Also, i find my professors highly intelligent in the courses they cover and which is a great benefit.


I brag about our parties!


it's fun and challenging at the same time and it has great teachers


student activities


We train with industry standards and we have fun doing it.


All the things we have to do on campus


Vincennes University is an affordable school with a nearly every major. It is smaller than other schools which allows you to meet more people and become more active in the community, because the school is also in a small town (the first town ever in Indiana). The school enrolls most students whom apply, and the education is totally worth the while. The school even helps to find internships and jobs for the future, even after graduation.