Virginia Intermont College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I love that the campus community is so small. I'd like to see it busier at times, but it's great to know almost everybody at least by face. Also, the professors know you by name. I think this makes it significantly easier to get engaged in class discussions or to approach a professor when you're sturggling with any of the class work.


I consider the best thing about my school, Virginia Intermont College, to be the student to teacher ratio. The small classes help the teachers to do their job more efficiently. The teachers can have more one on one time with each of the students. Smaller classes make the college experience more pleasurable. They can also make the transaction from high school to college easier.


The best thing about Virginia Intermont is the size of the school. With the size of the school being so small it makes it able to meet more people, and get to know the teachers better. Also, the classes are small, which makes it easier to learn. If the classes are large, then the teachers might not be able to help the student who sits in the back. Also, the teachers might not even know the names of their students if it was a large school. Virginia Intermont being small is the best thing.