Virginia Military Institute Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


VMI has an intensely regulated daily schedule. Every single hour of our day (including when we sleep) is laid out for us. This leads to very little free time. We are required to attend formations and classes. Unauthorized absences result in disiplinary action. These things are all expected as it is a military school, however it is a negative when you consider the amount of time you have to yourself. Only a limited amount of time is set aside for homework, so all of this time is needed to complete your homework. This does not leave much time for yourself.


The commandants staff.


As a student athlete there are huge time constraints on study time available.


The food and the amount of limited freetime


the early morning wake up for formation


The short sleep schedule.


The Commandant staff and how they treat cadets like children instead of grown men. Also a curfew of 1:30am and we are not allowed to study after that time.