Virginia Military Institute Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Dealing with the administration does not get easier as you progress through your career at VMI.


The punishments for some things are too harsh in relation to the action. One week of confinement is not warrented for being 1 minute late to class.


Administration hates cadets


Having to deal with all the random crap of the day to day. All the red tape that the commandant staff puts up. The knowledge that while you were studying over the weekend all your friends that attend regular colleges where partying it up and actually have a social life.




An overall lack of respect and consideration for the cadets by the commandant's staff as well as pretty much every non-academic staff member. Treating a cadet as a second-class citizen or child, not as the paying customer and student that he is, tends to be the norm. There is also a tendency for the school to rest on its past accomplishments, rather than constantly focussing on giving each cadet a dynamic experience.