Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Hokies :)


The phrase that describes my school is their motto “Ut Prosim”. This Latin term means “that I may serve”. As a Hokie, we care for everyone and everything. Something special about my school is that we have organizations for numerous causes. No matter what problem, Hokies look to help society whether it is through individual planning or volunteering. Hokies are probably the most affectionate people.


Virginia Tech is the most amazing university filled with smart, motivated, and kind people.


Virginia Tech is one of the most challenging and rewarding universities in the state, that fosters student growth and stimulates success.


Virginia Tech is the most well-rounded and welcoming school in the nation due to its prestigious academics, beautiful campus, inspiring professors, friendly student body, and successful sports.


Virginia Tech is a high energy and fun environment focused on earning a successful career.

De ' Ashley

Virginia Tech is a welcoming nation of hard working, generous, and gratious Hokies.


Virginia Tech is a delightful school to attend, with having various activities available all around campus it is extremely difficult to become bored.


The most spirited and devoted student body with a beautiful campus!


Virginia Tech is absolutely gorgeous. I remember when I drove up with my parents my Senior year of high school, I was not too impressed by its rather pastoral landscape, especially coming from a big city -- but the campus and town of Blacksburg really become your home-away-from-home. While it's a huge campus, it doesn't really feel that way. The majority of the academic buildings surround the Drillfield at the center of campus. Mixed in between these buildings include the library, dining halls, and some dormitories. And while the campus may seem large and overwhelming at first, once you make your way around, it starts to feel a lot smaller. Not to mention, most of the buildings are made of "Hokie Stone," which give it a somewhat medieval look, and when it snows, it seriously feels like Hogwarts.


Honestly, it almost looks like a medieval-castle-bunker tucked within the lush appalachian mountains. All the buildings are made of "Hokie Stone"- a gray stone mined from within Blacksburg itself, giving the buildings a bit of a castle-like appearance. However, the school is abundant with beautiful trees and gardens, which really provide a stunningly stark contrast to the buildings, painting an overall beautiful campus. It's a pretty large campus, with probably around 50 different buildings, but once you find your way around, it's really easy to navigate throughout. The best part about the school though is the students who occupy it- everyone is unique, with almost-infinitely different styles and interests. However, there is one common link between all students: happiness. Almost everyone I see walking around is always in a good mood, and thats a great thing to see. Smiles are contagious, and that couldn't be more evident here at VT.


Picture Hogwarts with mountains surrounding it. And instead of a Quidditch pitch, there’s the Drill Field where the Corps of Cadets, well, run drills. That’s what Virginia Tech looks like. Every building (well almost, there are some that were constructed in years which the administration felt a different style was necessary) is constructed of “Hokie Stone,” which gives the campus a castle-like feel. It’s truly something you need to experience for yourself.


Picture Hogwarts with mountains surrounding it. And instead of a Quidditch pitch, there’s the Drill Field where the Core, well, runs drills. That’s what Virginia Tech looks like. Every building (well almost, there are some that were constructed in years which the administration felt a different style was necessary) is constructed of “Hokie Stone,” which gives the campus a castle-like feel. It’s truly something you need to experience for yourself.


Virginia Tech is like our Hogwarts, filled dedicated individualistic students who learn from the best-qualified professors surrounded by delicious food and castle-like architecture.


The one word that most easily defines Virginia Tech is community: Following the tragedy experienced here four years ago, the people who populate the campus have become much more than just students and professors, but have become a family, all united within the Hokie spirit.


A university which prides itself in its quality of students, wisdom of faculty, and the neverending opportunities which it provides.


Virginia Tech is the one of the nicest places I have ever been. Most people are very kind and willing to help you with anything you may need. My favorite part is when people hold doors open for me; back at home, I never get that when I am out at malls or restaurants. It always surprises me how uncaring people can be. But VT is the opposite; Tech is my home away from home.


While my school has a large student body, I feel that my advisors and professors really take the time to make sure that each student is personally taken care of and comfortable in their field of study.


Virginia Tech was a diverse, friendly, close school in a great community.


The Hokie Nation is a conglomerate of diverse, spirited, motivated people who are striving to not only better themselves but others in the future by recieving a great education in the present!


VIrginia Tech is the home of the hokies helping students to a bright future


A beautiful school in the middle of the Blue Ridge mountians.


Virginia Tech is Hospitable, Spirited, and Loving!


Virginia Tech is an awesome school that operates more like a family than a school in the sense that everyone is so nice and friendly and there are so many ways to get involved, get out there and meet new people. It is a community that I am proud to be a member of! LET GO HOKIES!


It is a large school with many opportunities, but you have to work hard to stand out!


Virginia Tech is a very diverse school filled with extremely intellegent students and amazing profesors that make up a great community.


Virginia Tech is a very spirited, nurturing environment that promotes many of the values I believe in: service, community unity, and tradition.


A school that has a lot of school spirit and is very proud of being the school that we are from along with being very well know for our academic excellence.


Virginia Tech is the best and my first decision I ever made solely for myself and I'll never regret it.


Virginia Tech is full of successful students, gorgeous grounds, fabulous food, and a lasting legacy of being one of the best schools in America which makes its students and alumni some of the most loyal and confident people in the world.


We are Virginia Tech.


Virginia Tech is a friendly university which is focused on engaging students in innovative ways so that they can be succesful in reinventing our world.


Virginia Tech has something to offer for everyone: award-winning faculty and dining; two fitness halls fitted to the brim with exercise equipment and indoor gyms and pools; over 600 extracurricular clubs and organizations; and a nightlife filled with music and festivities.


Best University there is, period.


A very strong sense of community.


Virginia Tech is one of the best universities in the nation and I am so glad that I go to school here!


Wonderful atmosphere, the students truly care about each other and there is an amazing sense of community.


Hokie Spirit


Virginia Tech is an amazing place to be because it has so much to offer and even though it is a large campus, it has a small campus feel.


Virginia Tech is a beautiful and inviting campus supporting students of diverse ethnicities to achieve academic success, give back through service (Ut Prosim, That I may serve), and to become a part of the Hokie community forever.


Virginia Tech is an oustanding school academically and is highly research oriented with a variety of extracirrcular activities and warm social life; it has a pretty campus and beautiful surrounding mountains, but the area has little to offer in terms of cultural activites such as music and arts which leads to a very drinking oriented student body - but there's plenty in the way of hiking and outdoor activites in the area.


Virginia Tech is a spirited, entergetic, and amazing place to be.


Loads of Hokie spirit, lives for the sun, dead in the winter, house parties like nobodies business, moderate Greek life, FOOTBALL, lack of self expression, but genuinely nice people.




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Home of the Hokies


My time at Virginia Tech was the best four years of my life - I love it!


Invest into the future.


Virginia Tech is football and athletics obsessed.


Very technical and intellectually sound school with its main goal to form highly intelligent individuals for the work force.