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After living in an urban area for most of my life, I wanted a change of scenery when I go to college. In Virginia, every college is located in a high populated city, except Virginia Tech. Located near the lower west corner of Virginia, Tech is built on over 2,000 acres of land. This is prefect for admiring mother ature. Also, Virginia Tech is number one public food. This is important because as a college student, it is necessary to maintain a balance diet to perform well on test and other assignments.


The school spirit among the students is contagious!


This school offered a degree in Wildlife Science that I did not find at the other schools I applied to. The research opportunities available in this program are unlike any others I found. The classes were directed toward learning how to do the same things that would be required in field work.


Virginia Tech is a giant school, but it feels extremely personal. I never feel "lost in the crowd" at Tech because everyone is very welcoming and open. The campus itself is absolutely beautiful and the hokie stone is very unique. Also, the food at Tech is better than anywhere else in the country. Compared to other schools, Tech has a more unified and spirited student body, more extracurricular activities, and an overall better education.


At Virginia Tech, everyone is amazingly kind. People are very easy to talk to here and it's also very easy to make friends. Also, Tech is very good for people looking for a minstry as Tech provides that as well. Being part of one of the ministries, Disciples on Campus, I've seen an incredible amount of devotion to God and really living out the Bible here, not to mention the amount of kindness and love they also have! Overall, the people are wonderful and always willing to be there for you.


Virginia Tech is unique. We are unique because of our spirit and pride in our education, traditions, and future. Every Hokie leaves Virginia Tech knowing this unique chant that always makes us belong to the Hokie nation family. Hoki, Hoki, Hoki, Hy. Techs, Techs, V.P.I. Sola-Rex, Sola-Rah. Polytechs - Vir-gin-ia. Rae, Ri, V.P.I.


The Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets makes Virginia Tech unique. I highly recommend it.


The sense of community is unique about Virginia Tech. The beautiful campus allows for a great place to become involved with the community around us.


While my school has many students from the northern Virginia area, it is very diverse. In my hall alone i have friends from various states like Florida, California, Deleware, New Jersey, and many more! Because The Campus is in a small area, everyone is so friendly and everybody shares the Hokie spirit.!


The students are very enthusiastic about being Hokies.


The most unique thing about my school is the unity. Everyone on campus is like a big family. Whether its at a sporting game like a football game, or a 500 person class, or the April 16th memorial service for all those who lost their lives Virginia Tech is one of the most united campuses I have seen, that is why I love it so much!


The Virginia Tech community was the deciding factor for my college decision. Virginia Tech is located in the small town of Blacksburg, VA in the mountains of southwest Virginia. The buildings on campus are made of Hokie Stone which provides a beautiful and unique look. The campus is always full of friendly students engaging in outdoor games. As a student, professors are concerned about academic success but more importantly success in life. Professors are more than willing to sit down with students to discuss career goals and provide assistance to accomplish goals.


The sense of community hat i felt when i stepped on the Virginia Tech Campus was unmatched by all the others.


Our school spirit and agricultural program.


The campus is beautiful. I did not visit any campuses while making my choice on which school to attend, but I was very happy with the layout of Virginia Tech. I love the type of people i associate with everyday. Almost eveyone I meet is focused and excited to learn.


Tech is a large school with a small feel. The school spirit is unparalleled giving the school a great sence of comradory. It has the charm of a rural community, but does not lack for things to do. Its location in Southern Virginia makes for spectacular views and sputhren hospitality abounds. All of this in one place makes Virginia Tech unique.


The atmosphere at Virginia Tech is the best out of any school I visited. Almost everyone has school spirit and is proud to represent and cheer for their school. I have never met a person at VT that doesn't like the school, and I have never had that response regarding any other university. I get stopped in the street by alumni who are so happy to talk about their experiences when they went to school. Virginia Tech and it's school spirit fosters a great community.


Hokie Pride! Everyone comes together to form the best community in the world. It's a Hokie Nation!


I felt it had everything that anyone wanted in a college. The academics are great so if you graduate from Virginia Tech, then you are a more notable graduate. The athletics are very popular as we are in the ACC in both basketball and football. We have something called "Hokie Spirit" and it's most seen during game days at Lane Stadium. The community is also great - everyone is friendly and opened to meet others.


Students are very loyal and once they become a hokie, they are always a hokie.


Virginia Tech is a very spirited campus. We care a lot about our University and the faculty and staff care about the students a lot. We are truly a tight-knit community and the locals in the Blacksburg area love the students and the college town atmosphere. When touring Tech students walking around would say hello when walking down the sidewalk, I didn't get that at other schools. Tech students are a family and care about each other.


I picked CSU for my professional MBA because of it's Professional Distance MBA program. It was less expensive than other distance programs of it's quality. Its design also allows for greater interaction with distance students which results in a better learning experience.


As a transfer student at Virginia Tech, it is apparent to me the strong sense of community the university has fostered--moreso than other schools. Although the student population is around 25,000, the only time you are able to tell the sheer size is crossing the drillfield. Professors and university staff are friendly, accessible, and understanding. There are plenty of ways to get involved, and great people to meet. This is the only place I have been where students will come up to you and start random conversation. Virginia Tech is a great place to find your niche.


I didn't consider any other schools, Tech was the only school I applied to.


Beautiful and friendly community. Teachers are top notch. There is always something going on but more importantly there is time to relax and places to relax. We are one of the top rated schools based on food which is extremely important for keeping spirits high.


One will always feel "at home away from home" at Virginia Tech.


I think the most unique thing about Virginia Tech is that everyone here believes that they are part of something more. We are all one big community. We all associate ourselves with Virginia Tech and we alwasy will. I also think that everyone here has the same feeling that there is no other place they would rather go, Tech is the best.


When I first came to visit Virginia Tech, I fell in love with the beautiful campus, as well as the fact that the students are completely open to faculty and staff and vice versa. The professors here do everything they can to provide students detailed information about not only their teaching subjects, but life after college in general. They are available whenever you need them for help and advice.


It is a college town. not in a big city or large rural community


The amount of school spirit here, and the proffesors concern for their students is incredible here. Proffessors often provide students with their personal cell phone numbers for any questions concerning school material, or anything really.


Our school is unique because we have respect for one another and everybody is friendly. In addition, our school is surrounded by the blue ridge mountains that make the campus very aesthetically pleasing and unique in its own way.


My school has an amazing atmosphere. It has two seperate sides to campus along with everything else is centered around the university. Blacksburg is basically made by Virginia Tech so there is a great sense of community. Also even with having the massarce here, the students continue to love the school and want to keep coming back.


This school is like a big family. The campus is big but it feels so small and everyone loves it here. People here don't just like it, they love it.


Virginia Tech is a unique place. The stunning landscape surrounding the beautiful campus only adds to its grandeur. There is an aura that resides in the air in Blacksburg promoting positiveness, interaction, and success. Being at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University is the only valid choice once you have visited the school. The Hokie community will take you in and guide you in your quest for greatness in a way unlike any other university can. Lifelong friends and a successful future await all hokies on the road to graduation.


I think the unique thing about my school is the traditions of school spirit, and the togetherness that we all share with one another. I visited some other colleges, but none of them seemed to have that sense of community.


When I go back home, every one of my friends from other colleges have told me that they wish they could spend a year wtih me at Tech. They tell me that I look like I'm having the time of my life and they are extremely jealous. They have seen pictures from me going hiking, caving, in downtown Blacksburg, swimming, jumping off cliffs, and playing sports. Not only does this school have so much to offer, btu the area surrounding it has just as much. No other school has a surrounding area like Virginia Tech does.


We are much more school spirited than other schools especially after the events of April 16th. We have a strong football love here at Virginia Tech as well.


Virginia Tech is a big school inside of a small town. There are lots of people to meet, but at the same time when you walk down the street, you will see all your friends. This makes Tech unique, and allows you to find a group of people that you can relate to and enjoy.


The strong sense of community and school spirit.


It has the most amount of school spirit, its the only school I applied to because I knew I would get in.


This school provides the best of both worlds. It has an outstanding level of spirity and character, through our amazing football team and corresponding school spirit, and the superior finance programs that I am enrolled in. (CFA and Investment Management track, CFP Certification Education Track) There are endless extra-cirricular activities to partake in, and a great sense of community and friendship involved in every-day activites. The campus is beautiful, well maintained, and it feels safe; evean after the tradgedy that struck our campus on April 16th.


This is a visual representation of the statement that affirms the school's commitment to a diverse inclusive community


The Hokie community is like no other. This place is more than just stones and football. There's an electricity here.


I also attended Old Dominion University for one semester and the biggest difference I noticed between it and Virginia Tech is that the sense of community I had loved at Tech didn't exist at ODU. VT is a much bigger school but it doesn't feel that way. The professors are readily available to talk and it takes practically no effort to get an appointment with an advisor; at ODU I felt like I was inconveniencing teachers to even email them. Virginia Tech is simply a much more friendly place and the Hokie pride is infectious.


Great environment, campus is very beautiful, awesome sports for all seasons and location from home (4 hours).


Virginia Tech has a much more lively campus during the week than I think JMU would have. I am always doing something with my time whether it's studying, working out at the gym, swimming or playing basketball. I am constantly occupied which I love because I had not doing anything and wasting my time.


a combination of size, school spirit, setting, campus facilities, and location


I love VT and don't want to leave.


i am a member of KAPPA DELTA SORORITY


Just a great school with great people