Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you have trouble in larger classes because the professor/teacher isn't specifically talking to you, then Virginia Tech may not be the best college for you.


Someone who doesn't have a lot of school spirit because people are so proud to be a Hokie!, people who don't like the idea a big school and prefer a much smaller setting and people who don't like good food!


Anyone. There are multiple groups of people. But many of the people who go here, are hard workers. They don't let anything get in the way of them and their goal. Many of the people here care about their academics but like to have fun on the weekends. You should also like football and camo.


Virginia Tech can be quite an expensive school. If someone is out of state and does not receive sufficient financial aid, they may need to consider other opitions. Also, Virginia Tech tends to accept most high school students who have a GPA of 4.0 or higher. It is extremely competitive, so someone who is not an overachiever will have a tough time getting in as well.


A person that is not willing to go beyond what is required and get help from professors when they need it.


Someone who is not ready to committ to being a full time student and take the time to work hard in their classes.


Someone who does not like a large school with and lot of people.


Females who are not comfortable around men. There seem to be a large number of men on campus compared to females. Also, people who prefer smaller classes should not attend. Virginia Tech boasts the largest single class in the nation--World Regions--which has over 2,000 students enrolled at once.


There isn’t one person that won’t belong at Virginia Tech. Ever since the unforgettable tragedy of 4.16, the campus united as one community. We, Hokies, share a silent bond. By this, Virginia Tech constitutes of an eclectic, embracing student body with a whole lot of Hokie spirit. Any student will be able to find his/her niche with the same aspirations and hobbies. The societal labels like a jock, musician, bookworm, partier, or goody two- shoes, are insignificant labels. Truly, everyone is a Hokie and Virginia Tech will welcome newcomers with open arms.


A negative, undetermined student should not attend this school because it would negatively affect the feel of Virginia Tech's campus. I have yet to meet someone who doesn't have their goals planned out and how they are going to reached their goals.


People who aren't serious about their education should not attend. This school has pretty rigorous academic work so if you don't take your work seriously, then this school will just be a waste of money.


Anyone who is unwilling to reach out and expand both socially and mentally should choose somewhere else to go. Closed minds will not work here; unless the owners of said minds wish to remain in their rooms bored, slogging through classes, and hating life at college. All kinds of people are at Virginia Tech and striving to be miserable would require more effort than making friends and having a great time. It is all what you make of it.


Someone who is not spirited, engaged, or able to adjust well to a large school setting should not attend this school. Virginia Tech encourages independence and responsibility; if a person is not ready to undertake that immediately when beginning college, or if he or she will not adjust well to having such a large body of students, he or she will not adjust well to life in Blacksburg. Also, one must keep in mind that it is in the middle of South West Virginia (city slickers beware!).


If you can not deal with snow or ice, then you shouldn't attend Virginia Tech. if you don't want to attend a college with a large college campus, then you shouldn't attend Virginia Tech.


A person who is not well versed in hard work and perseverance should not attend Virginia Tech. Students at Virginia Tech are both aware and understanding of the high expectations that the University upholds in its students. Among these are practicing a diligent work ethic, demonstrating leadership in class and throughout the community, and simply challenging yourself to become a more well-rounded, educated citizen of the world. If you are someone who is not ready to actively engage in the aforementioned ideals, you should not consider attending a school like Virginia Tech.


Someone who doesnt want to get involved, if you are going to be a wallflower or scared of large schools (through has a smaller school feel) you might want to look elsewhere.


I don't think there is any type of person that shouldn't attend Virginia Tech. At Tech everyone is so open and inviting that everyone can find somewhere that they fit in and belong. Virginia Tech is a very diverse school and I find it impossible to describe a person that shouldn't attend school here.


As a proud member of the hokie nation, I encourage academically hard working students to come to Virginia Tech. Although it has a vibrant atmosphere with welcoming staff, fanatic football fans, and a diverse student population, Virginia Tech is also home to rigorous courses which require hard work and motivation from students to reach great heights both academically and professionally. If you are not the type of student who enjoys taking on challenges with an ambitious mindset, then I do not think this is the right school for you.


Some one who does not test well or does not like big schools. There are over 26,000 students at Virginia Tech and anyone who does not preform well academically in that kind of an environment should not attend.


Inactive; students here are proud of their school and they want to be involved in it. Also, solely liberal arts minded; there are opportunities in the liberal arts here, but there is still a strong science/practical teaching base.


Since there are so many students it's hard to find a student that wouldn't fit in! No matter what you're into, there is usually a club or group that shares your interest. Despite the large size, it still has the small community feel to it. Everyone is united by being a Hokie.


Someone who is not motivated to do well in school and has no future plans. One who is not a success seeker and just wants to party 24/7. One who is not openminded and accepting of others.


Someone looking for an easy A, you have to earn your grades here. Don't come here if you need to be near the beach and warm weather because we're pretty far from the beach and the weather here is bipolar.


Virginia Tech is a good fit for almost anyone. However, since there are no large cities nearby, people who depend on the nightlife of a city to keep them amused, and those that rely on the shopping that typically accompanies a large city to keep them in style should not come here. Tech is a lot less "preppy" than UVA, the people here are a bit more relaxed (and we don't wear pearls, dresses and suits to our football games).


Anyone can attend this school.


Lazy and party animals


cbc's primary goal is to train people that feel called into full time ministry. although it is a wonderful place to grow in your faith and study God's word, people not planning on being in ministry should seriously consider a christ centered liberal arts university that promotes and teaches the bible in and outside of class.


Everyone is welcome here there is no type of person that needs to not come if they are accepted. If you work hard enough to get into this college then you should have not problems here.


Student whose political views are very liberal and majoring in Arts and Science. Also the school is not very diverse so if student is not used to being in a predominantly white populated area they might experience discomfort and feel out of place.


If you're looking for city-life


Someone who wants to get a really good education while still having fun and wants to be able to get a good job after school.


people who hate large schools and football


engineers, math people, agriculture, farmers


People who are not passionate about learning should not attend this school. Almost everyone here cares about their future and understand that college is the first major stepping stone to achieving their goals. They are concerned about their grades and everyone tries to help each other understand the topic better.


someone who does not know how to go out of their comfort zone, they have to be willing to meet new people and be able to talk with others.


somebody who cant handle a hard class with a large workload


someone who wants to have one-on- one interaction with their proffessors and who want small class sizes


A person who is not serious about his/her studies.


Someone who doesent enjoy large class sizes and meeting lots of new people.


Someone who loves a fun learning environment where everyone is friendly. Someone who wants some play along with there studies.


Someone without goals or ambition would have a difficult time at this school if they are in the same major as myself. Someone who is typically apathetic about most things in life would not enjoy this school either


People that don't study, don't care about their future, don't respect others, or do not act responsibly should not attend Virginia Tech


If you are the type of person who just hates big classes, Virginia Tech may not be for you. I have had many very large and fairly small classes. Besides that, there really is not a person out there that shouldn't attend this school. There is such a big range of diversity on this campus; it'd great to see many different types of people from all over the world. This school really makes me feel at home, as it would anyone.


Anyone would feel welcomed at this school. Virginia Tech has a variety of majors to fit all interests and it is very diverse. It provides many different clubs and extra activities to people busy and the atmosphere is very comfortabe and inviting.


Any person should attend this school because even if you don't have the greatest personality traits, being in the environment here at Virginia Tech will make you a better person. You will become friendly, responsible, caring, and sportsmanlike. However, if you are specifically looking for a small private liberal arts college or artistic academy, then maybe Virginia Tech isn't the perfect place for you, but we would still make sure you had the best time possible here.


Someone who expects to party all the time and never study or do work should not attend this school.


A person who loves the city should not attend Virginia Tech. It is in the middle of the country and is several hours from any large cities that have stores for quirky, artsy shoppers. That doesn't mean all Hokies are rednecks and farmers, though! Sometimes you just have to make a trip home if you want to pick up something that is found only in more populated areas.


A person who is insecure with new experiences, or who really dislikes people probably should not come to Virginia Tech. The social atmosphere here is really active, and a person who can't make friends or who doesn't want to make friends will miss out on a huge part of what the college has to offer. I'd say that a person who cannot create a good study/social balance shouldn't come as well, but that's true for a new student to any college.


Someone that can not deal with large class sizes and a large amount of personal responsibility would not succeed at this school. Large campus and class sizes demand the student be very independent/


The kind of people who shouldn't attend this school are people who are uninterested in fun, people who want to sit alone in a corner. Anyone intersted in being boring should stay away from this school. Mean people, who are unaccepting, should avoid this school. Those who are unwilling to learn and grow shouldn't bother giving this school a second glance. Selfish people should also give this school the cold shoulder. Generally anyone out there looking to rain on everyone else's parade are unwelcome. Then Hokies wouldn't want them anyway, now would we?