Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I'd have to say the best thing about my school is the extreme sense of community. From young kids, to students, to alumni...we all share such a love for our school that no matter where you are in the world, if you see another hokie, you know you've found a friend.


The best thing about my school is its community and sense of unity. Everyone is nice to each other and are full of that school spirit - the spirit transfers to all the areas in the nation. Whenever one Hokie sees another, there exists an imaginary connection because they carry Tech with them wherever they go.


The best thing about my school is being able to go anywhere in the entire word and be recognized as a Hokie. The school spirit here is unfathomable. I feel like I am apart of a never ending family. I am able to receive the help and guidance I need with no problem. Making friends was extremely easy because there are so many things to get involved in, so finding similar interests with other people was easy. Becoming a Hokie is the best thing that has ever happened to me.


The school spirit! Everyone is so friendly and school spirited you can't help but cheer along to the Hokie song! It also doesn't hurt that the academics are amazing!!


Hokie Spirit.


Student community, availability of research and internship positions, professor involvement in student academic progress, school spirit, football season, Town of Blacksburg


The best thing about our school is the close-knit community among students. People are very friendly and willing to get to know you. I also like that we can compete athletically, yet have a strong academic background.


I consider the overall campus of Virginia Tech to be the best thing. When you walk into Virginia Tech you are walking on a pathway of memories. The scenery of the school is beautiful and I feel a sense of comfort just being there. Projects that the students have accomplished are seen everywhere. I love seeing that our school has done so much for the community as well as contributing to the world of technology.


The best thing about Virginia Tech is the school spirit. It makes everyone feel involved in the college and proud to be a Hokie!


The food on campus was the best - Virginia Tech is known for the food provided on campus. There was always a lot of choices and dining areas. The downfall is the lines. Tech has a lot of students and faculty and lines could get really long during certain times. During certain times of the year, dining halls would also host a special holiday meal, such as Thanksgiving or Ice Cream sessions during testing week.


Probably the best this about my school is the school spirit and campus unity. Everyone here feels a part of the Hokie Nation, and you can't walk anywhere without seeing someone wearing Virginia Tech clothing. Also, the food is amazing.


The overall school spirit and sense of community that you feel while at the school. From the football games to community events, theres such a strong sense of pride and school spirit that you can't help but get caught in it and enjoy it.


The Hokie Spirit makes you never doubt your decision to attend Virginia Tech. I have met VT alumni all over the world, the spirit is amazing.


The best thing about this school is that there are so many opportunities to get involved and feel like you belong to something. If you dont go out there and explore, then you'll never know what your capable of.


Its large size, which creates a huge amount of opportunities, be it academic, resarch, or extracurricular. The variety of classes simply would not be found at a smaller school.


Close-knit community, school spirit, outstanding academics and faculty, research opportunities, diversity- the list is never ending for the characters that Virginia Tech abides by. I feel the foundation of VT is formed on so many things, each donating its unique qualities, which help to form the ?Ut Prosim? motto of VT, the best thing about this school. This motto ?that I may serve? has many interpretations, but I feel it means serving anywhere from our community to our country, Virginia Tech is dedicated to helping others, while still providing an environment suitable for growth, preparing us for the future.


The comrodery that I have developed so many friendships so quickly and how everyone at my school has welcomed me with open arms has greatly enhanced my first semester of school. The close relationships that I have already built will no doubt carry me through the next 3 1/2 years. I can't wait!!! The help and ease at which i was able to manuever through the first semester has really calmed my nerves about leaving home and being on my own for the first time.


The best thing about Virginia Tech is the school spirit. Everyone on campus is proud to be a hokie and you always know you can count on people to help you even if you aren't the best of friends. Going to a school like this makes me really feel like I'm a part of community and not just a school.


Virginia Tech has one of the most challenging engineering programs in the country, and I'm excited to take that challenge head on. In order to help students rise to the occassion, Virginia Tech offers numerous resources. In fact, in orientation they say "We will give you every resource you could possibly need to succeed. If you fail, you have no one to blame but yourself." This includes free tutoring, professor office hours, and even a special Math Emporium dedicated to helping students with everything related to math. It's an extremely student-friendly school, and I appreciate that.


The best thing about Virginia Tech is the campus community. Everyone is always friendly and willing to help with anything they can. Also, there are so many clubs and activities that it is impossible not to find something you like and fit into.


It is very difficult to narrow down the thing that I best like about my school to one but if I had to choose it would be the well respected engineering department. It is in the top 20 in the nation. The things that we learn in our course work is amazing and I can not wait until I get to implement it in the work force.


The best thing about my school is how interconnected everyone is especially after the tragedies that Virginia Tech went through and it's nice to know that people will have your back no matter what just because you're a Hokie and Hokies stand together.


The best thing about my school is the school is the sense of community and pride. Coming to Virginia Tech almost Three years after the shootings occured, you can still feel the warmth radiating from the students. Everyone is here for each other and we're proud of our school, our campus, and our students.


The school I attend is very large making it so there is a wide variety of activities, clubs and classes for me.


Food. I have heard friends talk about the food at their school and when I tell them about food at VT, they are shocked. Voted best food in the nation and it is living up to that. Also the campus. It's a large university but the way the campus is set up, it feels like a small school where everyone knows eachother. It's a very nice feeling to feel so close to other students you may have never even seen before.


The best thing about Virginia Tech is the amazing atmosphere about the place. When you look out your dorm window you are faced with white stone buildings that remind you of a fantasy land. The people you meet are so focused on the school and the next football game that sometimes you find yourself wondering what could make you want to leave. The food is fantastic and anywhere you go you find some sort of school spirit. It's one of those places that you feel like you are in a parallel universe that you are reluctant to leave.


The alumni and friends of this college make it extraordinarily welcoming when you visit.


The fact that it is close to home.


What I consider the best thing about Virginia Tech is the Hokie Spirit!! There is just something about being a Hokie that is inviting and makes you feel like Virginia Tech is your home. Every day students are decked out in maroon and orange. During the football games, you do not see an open seat and the fans are cheering the sports teams right along! We have great camaraderie here and I couldn't have picked a better university to attend!


I love how there are so many different things to do and people to meet. You can almost always find someone who can help you with homework or just to hang out with on the weekend. Most students are very career oriented and want to do well in school, but they are also relaxed about it and try not to let too many small things stress them out.


It is beautiful and we have a great football team.


What I would consider to be the best thing about Virginia Tech is the very close-knit community. It is a large campus, but it has a small campus feel. I have never met an unfriendly person here at Virginia Tech or in the surrounding Blacksburg area. Virginia Tech's motto it "Ut Prosim: That I may serve". Community service is huge thing here.


The thing I love most about my school is the feeling you get as soon as you step foot on campus. It has such a close knit community that it feels like everyone is family. I really do feel like there is little prejudice and barely any judgemental attitudes around the campus. Everyone seems to be connected and have respect for each other. Your always greeted with a smile everywhere you go.


The greatest quality that I feel Virginia Tech represents is the strong sense of community throughout the school. Regardless of race, gender, status, or other qualities, everyone can come together and proudly announce that "We Are Virginia Tech" and befriend their fellow hokies.


The extracurriculars because they help you meet new people and find your place on campus. By becoming involved you can make a big campus small.


Even though VT is a big school, there are so many ways that it can seem small and less overwhelming. Get involved! There are so many opportunities out there. Really you have the best of both worlds: all the opportunitites and diversity of a large school, but the close knit community of a small school! There isn't a single place I go on campus where I don't see someone I know!


I consider the faculty to be the best.


There's a lot of major's to choose from, classes to take, and activities to participate in. It's a good place for people who don't like to be bored.


The best thing about my school is the school spirit. Everyone including myslef who goes to that school is proud to say they go there or in my case graduated from there; and even everything that has happened there students and alumni are still proud to wear the colors (maroon and orange) and proud to say that they are Hokies.


There are some really great professors. There are some that have dynamic characters that are really passionate (and notable in) about their field and sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm with their students. The campus is beautiful pretty much all year round!!!


Everything! The people are amazing, the teachers are great, the food -- oh don't get me started on the food. Tech's food is amazing. Our sports are amazing. This place is amazing.


School spirit--everyone is always in maroon and orange and they're so enthusiastic!


I am free to be me.


The best thing about Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University [Virginia Tech] is by far, the sense of community and strong school spirit. As soon as you step on campus, the energy that you feel is amazing and it is obvious that each student genuinely wants to be there and loves the school. The student body is welcoming and accepting of new and prospective students. Even after graduating, returning to campus feels like coming home to family.


The amount of people because it helps you with school and social life.




The school spirit and the friendly hello's that everyone gives.


The friendliness of the people here. Its so easy to make friends when you come here, there really arent any cliches and many groups such as sororities and fraternities include non-members in a lot of their social events.


The best thing about my school is its community and spirit. People always said that we looked and acted like a cult. I don't disagree. We have this sense of "home" at our school. Strangers were just people who you didn't get to know yet. This is most evident during our football games and through our football pride. However, I really sensed this during the 4/16 shooting. There was no hatred amongst different races, nor was there outcast of people. Everyone came together to show respect and sorrow. We were there for each other. We were home.


I love the campus. It's absolutely gorgeous. The only thing better than walking to my amazing classes is taking my time along the way. I toured every school in Virginia, from William and Mary to UVA, and Tech has by far the prettiest campus.