Virginia Wesleyan College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Virginia Wesleyan College is known for our basketball team in the Division 3 of NCAA. Students were unaware of this college existence until Virginia Wesleyan College sent them a financial award letter in the mail. Even though this college is a Methodist-based liberal arts college, students are best known of their friendliness to visitors on our campus.


I'm not sure what this school is best known for other than being a private school.


Virginia Wesleyan College is known for it's small classes and school spirit. The professor's provide a lot of time for help and advising counseling. The college wants everyone to succeed, so the college tries in anyway to help the students. The small classes allow you to be a person not just a number. Virginia Wesleyan is also known for our school spirit and support of one another. Sporting events and activites are always packed with fans and support.


I believe that the school spirit is the best known thing about Virginia Wesleyan College


My school is best known for being a small, expensive private school and for our basketball team.


They are known for the large number of students that attend online. They do not pressure potential students into enrolling into the school as other online school recruiters do. They also cost a little less and they are quite well known as a a top online school with a variety of professionals who attend.


My school is best known for our sense of community. Everybody is kind of one another with the same goals.


My school is best known for our mens basketball team because they are ranked number one in divison three. Also Virginia Welsyan College was voted best college in the South East by the Princeton Review.


Virginia Wesleyan College is best known for its outstanding Religious Studies Program and their rigorous Education Department.


There aer many aspects of the school that are great. The faculty and staff are very friendly. I really enjoy the special 24 hour study lounge that s connected to the library. It is equipped with couches and desks as well as, snack and drink machines.


Virginia Wesleyan is best known for the location. It is located 10 minutes away from the beach and that is where the students here spend their free time. Wesleyan is also known well for its athletic programs. All sports here rank high in division three and the collegiate athletes here take both their sports career and academics very seriously.


Our school is best known for academics and sports, especially basketball.


My school is known for its size. It is a very small school so not many people know about it. It also has great athletics. A lot of different sports teams have made it pretty far in their division, including our softball team being ODAC champions.


Having good sports teams Havign small classes Having a religious 'backround


Our school is best known for our athletic department. Yes, we are a D3 school, but athletes have the upper hand at this school. Most students who do not play a sport entering the college, leave as an athlete because it is better for our academics.


Our men's basketball team won the DIII National Championship in 2006. Even though NONE of those players actually attend this school anymore, that is our administration's pride and joy--even some of the new things put up to beautify campus celebrate this achievement.


I would say that Virginia Wesleyan is known for a lot of great things, but the one aspect I feel is reinforced and taken most seriously is community. From day one community has been a hot topic for all. Community at Virginia Wesleyan is considered to be so much more then just a group of people in one given area, it is a connection between friends and staff helping and supporting one another through this journey we call call life.


That I know of academics


Virginia Wesleyan College is best known for it's green initative. Recycling bins, trayless cafeterias, and other things help to bring a green-conscious enviornment around the college. This has been a huge push ever since I got to school.


Our school is best known for it's professors who are world renowned. Also, are school does very well in most of the sports teams that are available on campus and we are renowned for that as well.


Basketball and academics


Our school is best known for being a small, close community. We have a strong liberal arts program, and a United Methodist affiliation. Some of our professors are also rather well known.


Virginia Wesleyan College is best know for its small class sizes and student to teacher ratio. VWC is also known for its CO-Op with the United States Marshals Service. VWC is also known as being an expensive school to attend, however you pay for what you get.


I think our school is best known for how close everyone is to each other. Everyone is close to everyone. I also think that we are known for our men's basketball team winning the national championship in 2006.


Education Program and Enviornmental Science Program


My school is best known for being a small methodist liberal arts college near the beach. The religious affliations of this school can be seen in this various religious clubs on campus and the prayers before banquet meals. If one does not affiliate themselves with a religion (specfically Christianity) they will find themselves occasionally feeling out of place. The beach draws many students to attend this school but athletes find it hard to find time to go to the beach and relax. When telling a person where this college is located the beach does provide the perfect landmark.


Virginia Wesleyan is best known for being a small school with small classes in a beach setting.


My school, Virginia Wesleyan College, is best known for being a small, tight-knit community. Going to a school that has a small campus allows everyone to develop established relationships with peers and receive the best possible education out there. The small classes allow students to have a wonderful learning experience.


Our school is best known for their business major and our basketball team.


We have beautiful huge fish in our fishtank located in our student center


The price. Everyone in the area knows that this is one of the most expensive colleges in the area. They also know that it is a good school and that most students are happy with the school because of the small class sizes that allow you to have one on one time with the professor.

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