Virginia Wesleyan College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


What I brag about most when I tell my freinds about Virginia Wesleyan College is the close access to beach front and the ability to relax and study or hang out with great friends at an amazing beach that is only a short drive down the road.


I enjoy talking about the class size and the accessible help throughout the campus. Besides that I also include to tell them about the great professors that take their time to help many students and go step by step if needed to. There are also activities to support organizations and help out, such as the homeless and giving blood to the American Red Cross. The campus offers weekly events to help the students have some relaxation during stress in homework or life. Overall I tell my friends that the college is spectacular.


It is a small community, but it is well connected around the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area.


I would have to say our school hospitality and school pride is so amazing. I remember the first day I stepped foot on campus. Everyone was so friendly, and not once did my family and I feel unwelcomed. Virginia Wesleyan strives to make each student feel apart of their family. Our school pride is what brings us together though. You can not walk around campus without seeing Marlin spirit; from sporting events, to volunteer service, to fundraisers, even on twitter team Marlin Nation is always sticking to our school motto; bring the spark, and we'll light the fire.


That my classes are generally 50mins long.


I usually brag about my priority registration. I am in the Adult Studies Program, so I get to enroll in classes before other students can.


I mainly brag about how small this school is, how the most of the teachers are wonderful, and how they have many different programs/majors here that can fulfill people's needs on what they want to be in life.

Hua Mei



The campus community and the staff are one of a kind. The professors are always willing to lend an extra hand and make a special connection with their students. All of the professors are really caring and take it to the next level since it is such a small school. Having the close relationship with your professors really allows students to excel far beyond other students attending larger universities. Also, being a Biology major, we have own out research vessel which allows for hands on experience and its a really great learning experience.


When I talk about Virginia Wesleyan I tend to brag about the school a lot. I mainly focus on the academic aspect of the school when I talk about it. I brag to my friends that the class sizes are just right where students are able to get one on one attenion if needed. The material covered is class is communicated effectively and at a pace acceptable to both students and professors.


The low cost small classes great friends small campus


The faculty and staff are amazing. Everyone is friendly and always smiling! To your teachers you are a name, not a number! Everyone wants you to succeed and is willing to offer their support and help in any way they can! It's such a positive, uplifting environment. It's reassuring to feel that the people who you are surrounding yourself with truly care about you and your future!


Small class sizes, opportunity to make a difference, and attentive and focused professors.


That it is by the beach!


I excel at both video gems and foreign languages.


I brag about the size of Virginia Wesleyan College the most we talking about my school. I really do enjoy attending a smaller college where classes are more personal and the majority of students know each other. It also nice having everything I need so close since the campus is small.


I brag about the fact that my school is like a family home away from home.


I brag to my friends that i have met amazing new people and everyone is so close to each other.


When I tell my friends about school there are three things that I brag about. The first being the awesome friends I have made and how almost everyone on campus says hi to each other we pass. Second, I tell them about our sports teams and how athletics is a very important part of our school. Finally, I tell my friends about the beach and how close it is. The beach is so much fun and it is a good place to hang out with your friends and to get away from school for a little while.


I brag about the parties, but i also brag about the small school and how you know everybody. That is my favorite part of the college


The campus is very beautiful, welcoming, and open. The staff is dedicated to the student's as I can attest from personal experience. They genially care about the students and want them to succeed.


We have very small class sizes which allow students to actively engage in their classes and get to know the other students as well as the professors. The campus is small and intimate and it is easy to make good friends and develop strong relationships. We are also about 15 minutes from the beach, which is a very popular place to hang out.


I tell them that my school is quiet and it has that warm comforting feeling as you become a student because of the fact that it is a private college, and that I could have not made a better choice.


I brag about the professors at VWC and how great they are. I did not have a bad professor. I got the help I needed and the student acitivitie are great. Thye do alot for the students on campus and have some really fun events as well as some community buidling events students can participate in as well. I loved everything about that school.


I love how having a smaller campus offers more of an opportunity to get to know your classmates. It's easy to meet people and make friends.


How pretty the campus is. Small class sizes. Ability to begin taking my education classes early and being in the schools.


The small size of the campus.


some of the activities like homecoming and spring fling


The classes are small and the professors really get to know you. The professors take in interest in your academic plans and get involved in helping you in the courses and your career plans.


Phenominal staff, small class sizes.

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