Virginia Wesleyan College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


You may not know what you want to study at first and it's okay to take time to figure it out. Take fun classes as well as ones that challenge you. Don't go the easy route but don't surround yourself with books everyday either.


I wish I would have known more about the finical aid process and about how to organize and keep track of the amount of money that I owe for my student loans. I also wish I would have been better informed about the amount of resources that I had at VWC and I wish the school would have had more seminars and opportunities for freshman to learn about future career possibilities because when I came in as a freshman I did not have a solid idea of what I wanted to do after college.


I wish I knew how difficult college would be in general. That way I could have prepared myself more for the school year, and not fall behind in school work early in the fall semester.


That the school doesn't hold that many events for students to do on campus.


First of all, that there's help everywhere that fits in your shedule, while also having remote areas for studying soley. I wish i knew that the higher gpa you received in high school the better opportunity for staying in nicer dorms.


I wish I had known more about Financial Aid and what I needed to apply for. I also wish i had more knowledge of the inner workings of Residential life as well as administration.


I wish I had known they would decrease my scholarship, offer the TRUE dorms that they do (as there is mold in many of them), and had told me about the new cirriculum chage. I also wish they had told me that despite medical emergencies, work is NOT to be made up (and if so, with drastic penalty for many teachers), and that the "higher-ups" here refuse to actually "get their hands dirty" with faculty, therefore doing very little in favor of the student.


Upon my arrival to Virginia Wesleyan College, I began to wish I knew the differences in teaching styles among the professors here.


One of the things I always tell people about Virginia Wesleyan is, bring rain boots. This is probably the one thing I wish I knew before I came here. When it rains, which being on the coast it happens a lot, it floods. Everything else the school was very upfront and open with. When I was looking at schools I thought that this was one of the most honest schools I applied to. If you want to know something they will tell you.


Because of the size, there is not a large variety of classes to take


That the campus life is boring and students tend to only associate with people that live on campus.


I wish I would have known about the food options at Virginia Wesleyan, they're very limited.


I would have liked to know some more ways to get involved at Virginia Wesleyan College than before I got there. VWC is a smaller school which does create a nice community but it also means that there are not as many outlets to get involved in. I also wish I had been taught more ways to study in high school before I came to VWC.


I wish I would have know that there was no name brand food court (Such as Chick-fil-A or Subway).


I wish I would have know how to pick and understand what i wanted to major in better.


That many credits wont transfer out to other schools. There isnt many food choices. More about the coach.


Before coming to Virginia Wesleyan College, I was unsure if it was the right school for me. After having completed a semester, I have found that it was everything I ever imagined and still so much more. There were no disappointments for me in the school i chose. I never thought I would say this being that i never liked school growing up, but I even enjoy going to classes. My professors challenge me, but are at the same time willing to help with anything. I am confident that in graduating from VWC I will be prepared for my carreer.


THIS SCHOOL COSTS WAY TOO MUCH. EVERY YEAR IT GETS EVEN MORE EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus the class you need always gets full so you can never take it until the next year or so. very dissappointing.


I wish I would have known more about the scheduling process. This way I could have made my fall semester flow better.


the school provided me with adequate information relating to what to expect ..


I wish I would have known that this school parties too. I am not into drinking and partying on the weekends so most weekends I drive home to spend with my family. I also wish I would have known a little more about the clubs they have here and the activities they are host around the area. I am now finding out that there are a lot of different walks and fundraisers for very good events that I enjoy volunteering for.


That the school did NOT have a band!! :(


That the condition of the schoool really was not up to par....that there are NO stores on campus......unless you have a car you can not eat on expensive food from the grill, our food place, is.....that there is no diversity and that the administration and the dean are racisit and mean

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