Wagner College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Wagner College is best for students who want a small school, small classes, many career oppotunites, and want to make a lot of friends.


In the next three years, it will be all sororities and fraternites. Way too much binge drinking.


Wagner College was the perfect college fit for me because it is in a great location, not exactly in the middle of the craziness that is the city but not too far away from the city either, it has one of the top Theatre programs in the country, it is not a huge school, the teachers know their students by name not as just a number as in the cases of big universities, and Wagner's campus life is fitting to my personality, I have made many friends and feel very safe and comfortably here.


Liberal, excelent job placement, real world experiences, hard work, enjoyable, close community


Very large gay theater community.