Wake Forest University Top Questions

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Its a relatively small school with a rather close-knit community with high academic standing. In addition, it is probably one of the most expensive schools in the nation.


The amount of attention that is given to individual students when they have questions or concerns especially from the financial aid department.


The culture is unlike any school I've ever visited. It just has a feeling when you walk on campus.


My school has a very small homey campus. Everyone is very nice and willing to help out. This is something that I didn't find at larger schools.


Wake Forest University, in my opinion, was the only school on my list that had the stereotype of the student population being rich, Southern, and conservative. However, it turned out to that the student body was much more diverse and accepting than I had originally believed. What makes Wake Forest unique is the fact my strong, pre-conceived opinion of the school changed so drastically over the course of the year, and I believe this is the only school where my opinion would have changed that much.


Small class sizes, but large resources.


It was small in size and academically prestigious but also had many features of a large state school, such as dynamic Division I athletics and research facitlites.


It has great academic resources for being so small. It also has the advantage of having ACC athletics but making sure almost all students can attend, unlike a lot of the other ACC schools.


The success in Division I sports in relation to our size. Wake is one of the smallest division I schools in the nation (behind Rice and 1 or 2 others) but we still compete in the ACC and do exceptionally well in many sports. The small size makes season tickets available to all students and the athletes blend in more with the rest of the student body, both things that do not happen at large state schools.


Wake Forest was considerably smaller than other schools I considered. Looking back, I believe it was the ideal size. It was small enough to allow for small class sizes, but large enough to meet new people every semester.


Parking is awful, we should not have to pay to print in the library, Subway should be part of the meal plan


I've had a great experience at Wake, and I think that it is a wonderful institution, but the Wake community does not reflect the values or status of the country as a whole and is not a good representation of the real world by any means.


I LOVE WAKE! While the work is hard, it is a genuinely fun, happy place.


Wake is a great school, but like any college experience, it is what you make of it. Choose your university wisely and you will have a great time. Just be forewarned, Wake is not for everyone.


While the academics here are fantastic, the career services SUCK. They focus strictly on business--there is NO help available to you if you are any other major. Do not expect help--you won't get any.




I love wake, it really is a great fit...especially if you feel like you'd get lost in the shuffle at a big state school.


It is small, good, and doesn't get enough recognition nationally. Most people that come here know what they are getting into. Definitely come visit! A lot of current students were not interested in Wake until they visited, often as a side trip when visiting Duke, and ending up finding it to be a perfect fit.


Keep looking until you find a professor you LOVE, theyre important not only for recommandations but can help you pick a major and give you advice whenever. Go deacs!


GO ABROAD. Many Wake students go in the fall, but there are still a lot of people who don't take the opportunity. I lived with a family who spoke little English, learned the language, traveled Europe cheaply and had the best semester of my life. My European friends are even coming here to stay with me. If you can't afford to go because of academics or otherwise, do a summer program. AND I think doing a program with another university and not living in a Wake house is the way to go... but that's just my opinion.


Wake has one of the prettiest campuses I have ever seen and I definitely suggest coming for a tour if you can--if you can come in the spring, even better.


I LOVE WAKE FOREST UNIVERSITY! It's been the best place ever for me. As soon as I drove up to campus as a high school prospective student, I knew it was where I belonged.... and I haven't doubted that for an instant.




This is a hard school. It's not fair, just like life. So, other than the fact that you're in a bubble of activity, Wake gets you used to accepting failure from time to time.


I am an athlete and my college experience is very different from the experience of someone who is involved in a greek organization, I promise. During season, I go to class, go to practice, go home and sleep. I can tell you exactly what I'll be doing on any given day at any given time. My schedule is made for me and I have no control over it. Some people who are not athletes think we are stuck up because we don't go out all the time or we keep to ourselves. We aren't stuck up, we're just tired from practicing and conditioning for 4 hours everyday.


Bottom Line: Wake is GREAT. I am so happy that I chose to come to Wake because I am having the time of my life. I am getting a quality education in the classroom and out of the classroom. I have made so many friends from so many different parts of the US and I cannot wait for summer break when I can go visit them! If I was chosing between a larger, public school and Wake, I would tell anyone to choose Wake just because they will have the time of their lives!


Most of my friends who were seniors are are seniors (I am a senior) can't wait to get the hell out.


If I could do it all over again, I probably would not come to Wake Forest, but I feel like I have at least tried to make the best out of it, and I'm not completely miserable in my small group of friends.




I love wake!


With such tough academics, it's essential to check out your professor before you sign up for a class. Students here rely on a website called virtualratings.com to screen teachers so they know what they're getting into. As always with anonymous services, everything is to be taken with a grain of salt. Once you get to Wake, you're sure to hear about the campus underground tunnels. The entrances are mostly closed off, but a determined student can find a way. They're dark and a little damp, but worth it for students up for a little adventure. Tribble Hall, a building on campus open 24 hours, is the site of countless hookups over the years. No one wants to graduate without being able to count this among their collegiate rebellions.


This place is a good school, and I can say that I have indeed benefited from being here. The academics are stellar, and I feel as prepared as I can be to enter the world of graduate school in the sciences. Socially, this place has provided me with some close friends. However, in general, I hate the social scene here and the fact that it is so isolated. Still, the GLBT group has been great, and general I feel accepted, at least by most of the female population here. Still, if you are looking for a school where it is very, very easy to be gay, this is not quite it. If you're looking for a school where being gay is ok, this place is just fine.