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Describe a typical weekend.

Weekends go by fast. Before you know it it's Christmas break. Anyways, back to the topic: typical weekends: Friday after classes end, one of two things can happen: a) you start raging STAT. b) you hit the library until dinner time. That night, there's a 95% chance you'll be raging unless you have procrastinated on a ton of work and it's due on the following Monday. Where will you be Friday night...not to mention Saturday night? options: a) in your dorm because you're a socially awkward frosh. b) at a cool frat party off-campus, c) at a decently cool frat on-campus in a lounge, d) at a lame frat party somewhere, idc where, e) at an apartment party with friends and acquaintances, f) at a local bar if you're of the magnificent age of 21.

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