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Tell us about the food and dining options.

The Pit. Benson. Shorty's. The Sundry. Subway. Starbucks. Off-campus dining. So let's start with the most common option that involves the infamous meal-plan. THE PIT. Formally known as the Fresh Food Co. (NO ONE calls it that or you're labeled an idiot for life), the Pit is the one and only cafeteria on our campus. It has a salad bar, Southern Kitchen ('cause obviously...we're a Southern school), grill, wrap/sandwich line, omelet station, endless pizza station, DESSERT BAR. That's that. I basically only eat lunch at the Pit, and I probs eat there 4 times per week. Benson includes Chik-fil-a, Boar's head, and Zoca. Chik-fil-a is obviously delicious, but watch out it HEAVILY INFLUENCES the freshman 15. Boar's Head has good wraps. Zoca is disgusting. Don't go there. It might be Mexican food, but it's definitely not Chipotle. Or Moe's....not even Qdoba. Shorty's is our school's own restaurant. It's not bad. Pretty delish actually. And they have beer and sangria specials. The Sundry is like a mini grocery store. The only decent food there includes protein bars and sushi. And cereal. Starbucks is obviously mainly for coffee, but if you want to gorge on delicious pastries like I did my freshman year, go for it. I'd recommend the vanilla scones, the blueberry scones, and the apple fritters (but they're legit like 700 calories apiece). Off-campus dining is the most fun option. Details to come later.

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A view of students mingling and eating a WakeForest cafeteria.

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