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Walden University allowed me attend classes while still being able to work full-time. The coursework was laid out in a manner that was not overwhelming and still allowed me to meet my obligations at home. At the beginning of each course, the material, workload, and deadlines were presented to us along with requirements of each assignment. This was very beneficial to plan ahead and dedicate time to working on the final portfolio project. Being an on-line unversity, I was able to vacation while still completing my course requirements.

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There is nothing quite like taking your finals exam at 2 am, in your pajamas, listening to your own music with your cat curled up on your lap.The only thing I have to worry about is doing the work. No worries about loud classmates, or parking on campus or being away from home more than my 40 hour work week. Walden makes online learning simple and easy. The instructors are very responsive and working through the website is intuitive and easy. Very happy with my decision to go there to get my Master's in Nursing Education.

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That they allow students that carry a certain level GPA, to take masters courses as electives while you are getting your bachelor's degree and if you take your masters courses with Walden those credits will work for both degrees. They also allow those same students an opportunity to take an extra class each quarter and that in the end lowers your college duration.

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The flexibility of it being online.

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