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Walla Walla University

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Walla Walla University has a warm feel when you are on campus. The professors expect a lot out of their students, but are very approachable and work one on one with the students all the time. There is an exceptional amount of team work in the classes. No one ever studies alone. Considering it is a Christian university, it is very liberal. It fits me like a glove. I know when I leave here I will be given the proper tools to be very successful in my career and personal life.

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The relaxed spiritual atmosphere. This is a Seventh-Day Adventist university that encourages strong spirituality without being extremely conservative to the point of being ridiculous. It is one of the less conservative Adventist colleges.

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Provides a schedule for students who work full-time to be able to attend full-time. The professors are very accomadating and helpful. The school provides a safe and open environment of learning.

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