Walla Walla University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for preparing students for careers in the medical field and engineering. It's a christian college, so while its academically strong, it also offers a spiritually-rich atmosphere.


Our school is best known for its high academic programs in nursing and engineering, and it is also known for being Christian based.


My school is best known for being a Seventh Day Adventist University. The school is best know for engineering, business, social work, and nursing.


Offering a reliable Christian based education that prepares their students for their future careers. They teach students how to be professional as well as how to be extremely thorough in every aspect of their careers. They are also known for their exceptional community involvement, the school itself as well as the students who attend are avid volunteers around the local community as well as around the world as student missionaries.


Right now, this university is best known for it's engineering program. It's one of the best in that field; this place is crawling with engineering majors. Their music program is also the top of the top, which is why there are so many music majors here, including myself. Walla Walla University also has a very active sports program, and we compete with all kinds of other universities an colleges all across the Northwest.


Adventist education.


Its engineering department, business department, and pre-med

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