Walla Walla University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People that attend WallaWalla College are different people. They want excellence. And I believe that people who plan to or are attending WallaWalla College will persue excellence. People who want to persue careers in engineering, theology, and mass communications should think about attending this college.


A person of faith.


Any kind of person will be accepted with an eagerness to teach.


The kind of person who should attend this university would be someone who wished to feel part of a small community, wanted small class sizes with an almost 1 to 1 teacher student ratio, be interested in receiving a Christian education and willing to live by Christian standards.. I think they would be taught by committed Professors & teachers and receive an educational experience that will guide and help them through all their lives. They would also make lifelong friendships and contacts.


someone that wants to academically challenged and be in a small classroom setting. They need to be ready to be challenged in every course even the pre-reqs.


If you are good at time management, enjoy being in a community setting, and seek spiritual growth then this is the school for you. You don't have to be a social butterfly to make friends at Walla Walla University. The students and staff are all very welcoming and enjoy meeting new people. The school offers a variety of extra curricular programs to keep the students occupied. They even offer students the opportunity to go on trips overseas for academic credit. So if you aren't sure what you want to major in, there are resources that can help you.


This school would be great for anyone, but it is expecially for those who like to socialize through work. This school is all about the people who attend it. Through school work, students bond. There is not as much socializing out of class work. So those who are friendly and out going while serious in persuing their education. Many of my friends did not make it here because they did not focus on school. It is hard, but very rewarding if you chose to have fun through class work.


I think the kind of person who would like attending my school should like to study but still have time for a social life, enjoy a small campus in a relative rural area, be friendly and interested in obtaining a good education and it would be helpful if they were of the same religion as most of the students attending this University.


Anyone who thinks that he or she will be able to succeed in this school. It is a nice school. The majority of students are white and adventits. Over all the school is open for anyone who needs a good edacation.


Someone with an open mind and a strong drive to achieve success. Having a willingness to learn and adaptability skills will help out a lot too. Strong organizational skills is also something that is definitely key, as organizing your own schedule is a major part of living and going to school here. Someone with a more defined socioeconomic status than I will have an easier time here, financially.

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