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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Knowing what I know now, I probably would have done a bit to scare myself on just what it means to pay back a student loan. Perhaps that might have encouraged me to save bits of money here and there, allowing me to pay for school up-front. In time, I've also become jealous of my peers having taken classes which translated to college credits during high school. I know that I was smart enough to complete such AP classes, but without a plan having been made clear to me in how it all fit together, it was easier at the time to abstain from the entire experience than it was to submit myself to it. I suppose I would have assigned myself some exercises (since I would have literally done any assignment put in front of me if it had a grade attached to it), and beyond that, offered guidance and encouragement to my past self. And I would have taught myself to cook bacon much sooner in life.


College has helped me to focus better on the task at hand and manage my time and projects better to ensure success. It has provided many different views, showing me how to look at things from different perspectives and to remain flexible. It has allowed me to socialize with people who are anxious to learn and succeed which provides motivation to keep moving forward in life and to never remain idle. College has shown me many unselfish people who care to help one another and who wish to make this world a better place. College has taught me to be patient, to reflect, and to think before acting. College has made me realize how lucky I am to have this opportunity and that when the time comes, I must return the favor by becoming more involved in the community. College has shown me promise and that there is a much better future if we just reach out and try.


I would practice writing more essay questions and papers to get more experince. I would try to learn different types of studying activities and different ways to outline reading materials.


I have often thought to myself, "If I could go back I would sure do things different." I am sure everyone as they get older has had this same thought. With age comes experience and knowledge. Now that I am older, and the parent of a teenager, I often express the need to work hard with my twelve year old son I tell him often that he has to work harder now, and then he will not have to work as hard when he is my age. I let him know that if I had worked harder at his age I would not be struggling so much today. I would have a great job that I loved and just a job that barely pays the bills. If I could go back to being a high school senior I would be working hard on a path to attending the best college I could get into. I would already be on that path working hard on a plan with this goal. I would work as hard as I could to achieve the highest grade point average possible and do whatever I could to be the most successful person that I could be.


If I could tell my "senior self" anything, it would be to take college seriously, and do so with a carreer in mind, especially in those first few semesters filled with what seems like pointless prerequisites. Being in college should be fun, but not at the expense money and (more importantly) precious time. College is just as much about hard work and dedication as it is about self-discovery; what is done during this time will determine future opportunities. Walk into college with a vigilant attitude and a knowledge that this is one step closer to "real life". Be determined to succeed and know that what you are learning is important, regardless of how your classmates and peers feel about the material. In the end, it is all about you; how hard you work, how well you do in the courses, and how you will determine your next steps. There will be plenty of guidance, but there will be no hand-holding. This independence is deliberate; it is your time to prove yourself, so do it with pride and excellence. The doors in front of you are some that others may never see; open them with an open heart.


I would tell myself not to wait to long to decide a major because then you will be taking classes that have nothing to do with your degree. Figure out your degree as soon as you can so you can be taking the classes you need for that degree. This would make a difference on how long you are in college because you did not take classes you did not need.