Warren Wilson College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I'm often (well, at least a couple times a year) asked, "Will I get into Warren Wilson College?" And I usually reply, "Why do you want in?" I'm not trying to be glib, but the reality is that your motive for wanting to attend Warren Wilson is important to those of us in the Admission Office who make decisions about who we admit. Of course we look at grades, test scores, and high school course selection, and we read each and every essay and letter of recommendation. But your motive is what sometimes makes the difference. You need to know -- Why Warren Wilson. The fact that you are reading this probably bodes well for you. The fact that you have explored the web site this deeply illustrates how hungry you probably are for information. As we state in our viewbook, "Warren Wilson is not for everyone." Some other small colleges seem to preach to college-bound students as if you are all alike. Well, I've meet very few "alike" students at Warren Wilson. This college is so unique that we scare some students away the minute they read a piece of our literature, and that's okay. The idea of working hard in a campus job, performing service for the community, and balancing a full load of tough academics along with work and service might not seem like the sort of college experience many of your classmates are looking for. But that's the point - - we're not for everyone. The selection process starts with your interest in finding the right match, and if you have read our material, you are well on your way to being able to tell us if you are a match -- and why you want in. Just because we appear to be a little laid back and are very open minded doesn't mean we are a place to hang out and have fun and do just as you please. (Well, let me clarify, there is a lot of fun, but it is after a lot of hard work.) We are not an alternative to college; we are a college that does things alternatively. So, in answer to your question, will I get in . . . yes. If. If you are a solid academic student, if you are someone who cares about making a difference in the world (not just through words but through actions), if you are environmentally aware, and if to you, service means what you can offer others (and learn while serving) and not how fast you can get fries to go with a customer's coke. And if you can work really hard and work really well with others. Yes, you'll get in.