Washington & Jefferson College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Take an overnight visit to see what the campus life is like. You need to know you want to go there before you actually commit. It is hard to know what you like, but the school definitely has a great education, although it costs a lot to attend. Make the most of your opportunities at the college because there are a ton on extracurricular activities if you look in the right places and get to know some people. Greek life is definitely a big part of campus life, and give it a shot because you say no.


My classmates are very helpful. Everyone at W&J has the same goal, to graduate with a degree therefore students try to support eachother and tutor eachother to understand the topics to the best of their abilities. My classmates push me to work hard and study hard, just as I do to them. Not only do we encourage eachother academically, we encourage eachother to get involved outside of the classroom as well.


My classmates are all there for the same reason I am, to get ready for our careers. There is nobody acting immature. They are all ready to help you with anything they are able to help you with by just asking them. If you are in a class with students that are in the upperclass's they are awesome in wanting to help you find your way around and studying. We all treat each other with the respect we give out.


My classmates are fun loving, caring, and community oriented.


Optimistic indiviualts who are highly motivated to do what it takes to succeed.


My classmates are all hardworkers and are willing to help each other.


They are from all different backgrounds but all seem to care a lot about their future jobs and giving something back to the community.


Since classes are small it's easy to get to know your classmates and, since the campus is small too, you see them outside of class. People you meet become more than classmates, they become your friends. Everyone has something in common, an academic drive.


For the most part, they are extremely dedicated to their studies and getting the best grades they possibly can acheive.


Opinionated, but willing to hear your own views. Friendly, and easy to get to know.


There is a great deal of white, athletic, middle to upper middle class students from the pittsburgh area. At the outset it can seem daunting, but there is actually a lot more diversity then facially recognizable.