Washington & Jefferson College Top Questions

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The W&J community is very close-knit, both among students and educators; the student body is small and professors really care. Excellent pre-med program. Also, the tutoring programs was also super accessible.


The Magellan Project allows students to pursue their dreams by allowing them the chance to travel and study.


It has a much smaller campus, there are a lot more programs to help freshman and the teachers and staff actually care about the students.


Washington & Jefferson is a great, small school where everyone you meet is incredibly friendly. Unlike some of the other schools that I visited, this school truly does make you feel welcome from the second that you step on campus.


loyalty to the school and comraderie amongst the students


Our campus provides a very intimate atmosphere, allowing students to not only approach, but bond with professors. Such a bond allows our student body to connect with each other as well as learning more through observation and provides us with the oppertunity to interact with a person already familiar with the field, thus giving us important experience before we even reach the internship stage.


It is in a really nice setting. Washington itself is very beautiful, yet somewhat secluded. Pittsburgh is 30 minutes away, which is great, but it is not enough of a distraction to impede academics. This is one of the best places to go to school because it has the comfort of a small town but is easily accessed from a big city.


Tightest-knit environment


The size of the school in conjunction with repuation really aided my decision. The school's pre-legal status aided my admission to law school, and the small class sizes really gave a personal touch to every class. Professors tailored classes to the students in them, instead of basic standard classes.


We are a very historic and old school that has always had a stong reputation. It is a private school that first began accepting women in 1970. The other schools I considered were large public institutions. In the end, I decided that a small liberal arts college was the right fit for me, and I simply love the history behind my college. There are traditions and a reputation at my college that were simply absent at other institutions.