Washington & Jefferson College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Because most of people confirm about how quality the school is, and is one the best school in the wold


A person who is wanting a good education, especially someone who is really into learning and wants to further there education in post-grad manner. A person should also not mind a lack of diversity- the school is almost nearly all middle-class to upper middle-class individuals who usually come from suburban areas. The school has done a better job lately, though, of changing this. Lastly, the person needs to accept the fact that they will have to put in a good deal of effort to maintain good grades at this school.


A motivated, focused individual who has a clear idea of their goals and desires for their future, while also being able to prioritize their schoolwork over the social aspects of college.


A smart, motivated person should attend. Do not come to W&J if you are not a person who likes to work hard. The workload and the level of academics can be very difficult. In short, a person is going to need a maturity level far beyond just 18 to succeed.


The type of person who should attend Washington and Jefferson College is someone who is hardworking and wants to very successful. Since the campus is small, students are very friendly and class sizes are small which gives you a personal relationship with your professors.


One who is open to a liberal arts education that is willing to drive their own education instead of someone simply telling them you need to complete courses x y and z for their major. One who is willing to travel and see the world through a liberal arts lense.


Someone who's incredibly driven and wants to live on campus (it's a requirement). They should be able to afford the institution and be prepared for small class sizes where you cannot be part of the shadows. They should be outspoken, and willing to work twice as hard outside the classroom as they do inside. The workload is intense, and so is campus involvement. Most students do not have part-time jobs and are fully committed to W&J life.


Washington and Jefferson College has a very intimate setting. Those who choose to attend school here are those comfortable in a smaller town and an even smaller college community. We are also a very well rounded student body, bringing each of our backgrounds to our community and teaching each other outside of the classroom. Well rounded individuals, participating in many activities and practicing time management so that he or she can get that extra few hours of volunteer work in or join an extra student organization without taking away from difficult school work would be very much at home here.


There are a lot of different kinds of people at this school. There is no real "type" of people that would do well here. Most students are caucasian, come from upper middle class families, and are academically-minded. This campus is very oriented around its sorority/fraternity community, so it is a great school for those looking to join these organizations. Everyone here just wants to make friends, so negative personalities are often unwelcome.


Our student body is composed of driven young adults. The students here know what it takes to be successful while still enjoying their undergraduate years. A well rounded and optimistic person should be considered to attend.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is ready to work. Classes are usually only an hour long, but the individual should spend at least two to three hours of studying for every hour of class. Sometimes this is hard to do when there are more fun, interesting activities that could be done. In order to do well here, the person has to realize that there is a time for play and time for work and that work should alway come before play. The person should be dedicated and ready for the hard course material.


Anyone who is looking for a great education, who can afford to pay the 43k+ a year, and is willing to work hard enough to get through the difficult premed or prelaw programs. If you're another major though, don't worry, you'll get a good job if you're willing to work semi-hard. W&J is a good school academically and fun, if you're willing to participate.


An independant studier who has excelled in high school would be a great asset to this college campus. The competition to get in is stiff. When I applied I was one of 7000 applicants competing for 400 freshman spots. It is a very expensive private liberal arts school, so willingness to seek out scholarships is a must. If you are a person who loves a challenge, likes small classes, and independent study then you will grow and thrive here at W&J College.