Washington University in St Louis Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


The dorms are palaces. My side of the room is bigger than my room at home! You have a choice between modern and traditional dorms. Traditional has the typical communal bathroom for the whole floor. Modern dorms (most of the dorms on campus) are all suites, meaning 4-6 people will share 1-2 bathrooms. All the dorms have tempurpedic mattresses and are paired with a sophomore dorm (= residential colleges) that you can move into sophomore year or move amongst the res colleges. They're all located in the South 40, a short walk from main campus.


Palatial. Seriously - it's kind of out of control how nice they are. Furthermore, the school is in a perpetual state of building and rebuilding. The dorms are pretty new and I've never been in one that lacked a gigantic lobby with a fireplace as well. It's a little out of control, but it's also a little awesome.


Sub-Free Traditional Dorm


A tour of the freshman dorm.