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Washington University is an elite research university. The professors are accomplished professionals, experts in their field, with a true passion for teaching and an uncanny ability to communicate amicably and be relatable. The material that you are exposed to is advanced and evolves quickly. You're not taught information that you'll be tested on; you are taught information that you will use in your life and career. This university gives you all of the tools you need to be an elite student, an elite professional, and a wholesome and morally conscious person.


One wonderful aspect about Washington University in St. Louis that makes it stand out is its flexibility. Students enrolled in one undergraduate school are able to, and encouraged to, try classes outside of their major and outside of their school. Additionally, the process of transferring from one school to another is a definite possibility and it does not require an application. This was very appealing to me because I went into the school somewhat unsure about what I wanted to study. The opportunities at Washington University were better and more readily available that at other schools.


The unique thing that made Washington University in St. Louis such an attractive choice for my college education was the rare blend of academic rigor and supportive community. It is unquestionable that Washington University possesses academic programs that can be favorably compared to any in the country. At the same time, it had a sense of community that is often lost at such academically acclaimed schools. This cut throat atmosphere is not the case at Wash U. From the first time I visited it was clear that I was entering a supported environment that wanted to see me succeed.


While many of the other schools that I considered are known to be very competitive, most students at Washington University are very willing to help other students to succeed. It is a much more collaborative environment than many of its peer institutions. Students seem to be more interested in learning than in building their own resumes.


Washington University in St. Louis is a very distinctive insitution. When considering a secondary education, one of the first aspects I looked at was the size of the institution. For the most part, I was forced to choose between a small libaral arts univerity, or a much larger research university. Washington University was one of the few institutions that sat at a happy medium, at about 7500 students. It is large enough to allow for anyone to easily find their niche, but small enought to allow for ample and accessible opportunites.


Very friendly even in a highly professional career centered student body.


WashU does not care who you are as long as you embrace yourself completely; our culture goes beyond all are welcome, it is more all are celebrated.


WashU has the academic rigor and intensity of an ivy league school, but the collaborative and welcoming feel of a less intense school.


The faculty. They are so intelligent and all are currently doing research in the field.


WUSTL is a school that is centered on helping undergraduates in all pursuits, unlike many schools that cater to graduate students, research for the professors, or prestige for the school. The undergraduate research office, Cornerstone for Advanced Learning tutoring hours, engineering help desk, and the writing center are just a few examples of the numerous programs that WashU provides for students to get guidance outside the classroom on projects, getting started on research as underclassmen (which is uncommon at other schools), improving essential career skills like interview manners, resume writing, and more.