Washington University in St Louis Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Wash U kids are stereotypically known as rich kids. This is definitely not the case. Each frat has its own stereotype that seems to change about every 4 years.


Rich, jewish, many east-coasters.


heavily pre-med, study hard- party harder, no athletics


I always heard that all students are pre-med and will kill puppies if it means they'll set the curve on the next chemistry test. Students care more about school than any other aspect of life.


washu is a very high pressure school where half the students are pre-med and the girls aren't pretty but everyone is really nice


Work hard play hard


The girls are ugly. The students are smart.


Lots of Jews and Asians. Rich kids. Couldn't get into an Ivy.


That the girls are ugly and that everyone's Jewish.


hard working students and half are binging drinker


Most people think that Wash U is full of really nerdy people who only like to study all the time. People think that Wash U girls (and guys) are ugly. Wash U is not diverse.


Other parts of the country havent heard of us! So hard to have stereotypes.


Not very well known, but gaining in reputation - if you know it, you realize its a top school in its class.


WashU students are known to be really smart, especially in the math and sciences, but a little nerdy. We also have a stereotype of having a lot of Asian students.


Lots of rich, east-coast jews


We all stay inside the WashU bubble, and have no idea that there are social problems in St. Louis (like being No. 2 nationally in per capita violent crimes). We are all rich, come from comfortable suburban neighborhoods, and own our own cars. The girls wear Ugg boots, the boys wear collared shirts, and our sweatshirts cost more than 50 dollars because we can all afford it anyway. We will get our dream jobs making tons of money because all we care about is ourselves.


1. all Jews 2. smart/rich pretentious students 3. everyone is pre-med


Haha everyone thinks we are smart nerdy kids. Most schools think we have a fairly unattractive population.


Ivy League rejects Friendly Not prom king or prom queen, but best friend of the king or queen slightly awkward pretty geeky


Many people say that Wash U students are Jewish, white kids primarily from New York and Washington, D.C. Many people also have the stereotype that Wash U kids are self-absorbed, arrogant students.


1. I believe that many Wash U students are stereotyped as being wealthy New Englanders (New York, Boston, etc) who think they deserve better than others due to their economic status. 2. Wash U is a research institution.


Wash.U. girls are ugly


Nerds, don't talk to anyone, not fun


they dont care about issues-they are apathetic and rich


CHILL!! And smart. And down to earth. And chill. Did I mention chill?


some stereotypes I hear about washu (from other washu students ironically) is that we're all nerdy and super focused on academics.


There are stereotypes abound at Wash U: *1* The average Wash U girl is uglier than the average Anywhere Else girl. *2* EVERYone is smart here, no matter how stoned or ditsy they may seem. *3* The buildings are gorgeous on the outside. Inside, they're just average. *4* The harder the worker, the drunker the weekend. *5* Don't be in architecture.


rich kids


I think Wash U is seen as a school full of people who prefer to stay in and study rather than go out on a given weekday or weekend night. Another is that we're not as cut-throat competitive with eachother in academics as a lot of students at east coast schools of similar ranking. A third is that we're really not into our sports teams, and do not really go to games.


I think the biggest stereotype about WashU students is that the girls are ugly. There is also the notion that living off campus is cheaper than living in the dorms.


Wash. U. students are thought of as rich, intelligent individuals. Girls are thought to be unattractive.


Everyone is JAP-y or from the Northeast Too focused on studies


Jewish, nerdy, unattractive, socially inept, greek or geek


You have to be rich to go here. Everyone is Pre-Med Everyone is Jewish Everyone is Asian Everyone is brilliant


they are all jewish, they are nerdy and don't have fun, they are jappy, they are all pre-med


From many Wash U students, I've heard that WU is the school they chose because they didn't get accepted to the "really good" Ivy-league schools. A better stereotype is that Wash U students balance work and play well, and everyone is very involved in campus life.


The stereotypes are that everyone is jewish, not athletic, and ugly.


I've heard that some people think Wash U students "work hard and party hard," but most people just seem impressed when I tell them I go to Wash U.


Wash U is the school where the smart but social students go.


I think a lot of people believe that Wash U students are nerds and many think that Wash U girls are ugly. Some believe the stereotype "Work Hard, Play Hard"


Wash U is as much known for both a soul-sucking, back-breakingly difficult pre-med program as its laidback students. At “Jew U,” the architecture is much easier on the eyes than the student population. In the admissions world, Wash U is that one guy on the verge of the popular clique (the Ivies) who always seems to be trying a little too hard. Students work hard, play hard and hide their ambitions and their wealth.


There is a stereotype that the WashU campus environment revolves around the WashU bubble and that students have a hard time engaging in off-campus/St. Louis life. WashU students are sometimes stereotyped to have the "work hard, play hard" mentality.


The most common ones I hear are that the students are so smart and all they do is study. No partying and no good looking people.


If you attend this school, you are either a rich white jew who does not understand the concept of money and how it is used, or you are a chainsmoking Asian. Oh and the girls are underwhelming in the looks area.