Washington University in St Louis Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is that every single person I have met is incredibly kind and passionate about the subject that they are studying. Everyone here is smart and invested in their education and they truly want to be here. I have been able to have conversations that are really meaningful and I have created friendships with people that are very similar to me. Being in a place full of smart, caring people is defintionly the best thing about Washington University in St. Louis.


For a medium sized university that also enrolls graduate students, I love that Washington University in St. Louis is geared towards making sure that the individual undergraduate student has all the necessary resources available. Often schools that are comparable to Washington University in size and rigor have classes that are taught by Teaching Assistants and lecture halls with 300 plus students. At Washington University all lecture classes have smaller discussion sections and all courses are taught by professors as opposed to Teaching Assistants. Every student gets the attention they need and desire in order to succeed at this University.


The best thing about Washington University is that they are flexible the classes offered. They also make available tutoring programs to help you academically succeed in your classes


My school has such a beautiful campus, I stop for a moment to just look at it sometimes. It also has excellent food that most other schools don't really have. I am honestly glad I cam here because of it despite how difficult the work is, even though I sometimes forget to eat because of the workload. The Professors are decent, but the engineering departments are revamping and getting better each year. Research is also highly prevalent here, so if you are hoping to get into graduate school, especially in the sciences, this is the place to be.


I think the best thing about my school is the fact that everyone is so willing to help others. Professors and TAs are always willing to help students with classwork. Students are willing to help students with classwork or with any other problems they may be having . Even the administration goes out of its way to help students. I know that the administration went out of its way to help me after my mother passed away freshman year. That willingness to help makes me feel like Washington University isn't just a business but a family.


The best thing about WashU is the attention that is given to the students. I remember on my first chemistry exam I got the hook (my fancy way of admitting I received a C) and was very impressed by how quick and easy it was to find help. There were multiple student tutors, and some even came right to my dorm! There were also multiple office hours and extended recitations by the chemistry professors themselves. The devotion to students and their education is unparalleled.


The best thing about Washington University in St. Louis is its many educational resources for students. The university has many programs to promote academic excellence from all of its students. A great example of Washington Univesity's committment to its undergraduate students is Cornestone. Cornerstone is a place that provides educational programs and tutors for students who need additioal assistance in a particular subject. Based on my experience, Conernerstone does an excellent job with understanding one background when approaching a student's academic needs. Overall, Washington University is a very supportive university that desires success from all of its students.


The best thing about my school is its focus on challenging its students. If the university had to strip each and every one of its philosophies but one, it would spare its commitment to challenging its students and faculty. The professors make sure that you are never in a comfortable position where things are easy and there is always room for improvement. I have loved this aspect of Wash U because it has allowed me to grow past the ceiling I thought existed above my capabilities. I have grown and am still growing and that is very precious to me.


WashU has one of the greatest communities I have ever experienced in my entire life. Everyone is unbelievably kind. Everyone is involved with eachother, we all want to help eachother succeed. There is no exclusion. You're encouraged to do any activity you want. People are extremely friendly.


The professors: they afforded me fantastic research opportunities. My work with an assistant professor will make both his and my career in psychology. Without my professors, I would not have been admitted into one of the best graduate schools in the country for my field.


My favorite part about Wash U is the friendliness and willingness to help of all the students and faculty. Everyone that attends knows that they deserve to be there along with everyone else, so there is hardly any sense of competition and wanting others to fail so that you personally can succeed. Also, there are so many resources that you can take advantage of whether you're struggling or not. There is an encompassing feel of encouragement and support because everyone there wants to see everyone else succeed.


I would say the strong sense of community. It is a very academically rigorous school, but that does not come with the competition that is commonly found among other schools of this caliber. Everyone is friendly and very eager to help their classmates and friends do well. The staff and faculty are extremely supportive and willing to do anything to help you reach your goals. This is not just in academics, but extra carricular activities as well. It is just a nice, welcoming, and fun place to be.


I most appreciate being able to build friendships and strong relationships with renowned experts in certain fields of study and students from across the country.


I believe my school is defined by the unique and enthusiastic nature of the student body. The evident dedication of the students to their academics, the local community, and each other is what influenced my decision to attend this university. Although this is a top tier school with challenging academics, the atmosphere is surprisingly laid-back and cooperative: you can always find someone eager to help you with academic questions, career objectives, counseling, etc. The people- faculty, professors, and students alike - are what distinguish Washington University as a fantastic school.


The best thing about WashU is that it is a school at which you can do anything you want. It has great academics, strong sports teams, and great extra-curricular activities. The problem with many top ranked universities is that they offer such a competitive academic atmosphere that it is intimidating and difficult to succeed at times. WashU offers countless opportunities for help and has an administration second to none.


Interdisciplinary approach and personlized education. Wash U prides itself on being among the top research universities in the world while touting a highly interdisciplinary education. We have highly ranked departments in a wide variety of subjects, and the curriculum lends itself well to taking a variety of classes, unless you're a pre-medical biomedical engineering student, but even then it's possible with careful planning.


The best thing about my school is the midwestern friendly atmosphere. Everyone here is extremely nice and friendly; people are so helpful, whether giving you advice about classes or helping each other study. Everyone is always willing to help out a friend or raise money for a cause or volunteer. The majority of students volunteer on a regular basis either through a campus group or throughout the St. Louis community.


The best thing about Washington University is how the school treats its students. Wash U treats it students better than any other school I visited. They give the feeling that they feel special to have you as a student, not that you should feel special to be their student.


The best thing about Washington Univ in StLouis is that the people are very friendly and polite. Though the school itself is not in the best of locations, and the weather might cause some ill tempers or gloominess, students, faculty, and all staff are always helpful and kind.


The campus is full of outgoing and friendly students. While academically intense, we are not a competive group. Basically, the atmosphere on campus is laid-back and cooperative. There are lots of opportunities to become academically, socially, or otherwise involved but there isn't pressure to be the highest achieving student. Generally, students can succeed academically and socially without experiencing intense stress. It's really a fantastic environment.


The high academic quality, career-focused learning, applied skills in addition to theoretical ideas, lots of hands-on course work (case studies, working with clients, real world practice)


Opportunities for scientific research experience


The care it gives for the future and the involvment of the doctors.


There's very little competition and upperclassmen and teachers are fairly helpful.


The best thing about my school is the love of learning.


Everyone here is motivated to do well and it keeps you focused on doing your best.


great professors and opportunities.


opportunities and doors it opens


there are so many things that are great about WashU. the schoolwork is hard and you will work but you'll also learn a TON about yourself and others. WashU is diverse, but everyone here is smart. You'll meet people from everywhere (like most colleges). the professors are great, the food is gourmet, you will really learn new, interesting things St. Louis is a city full of free things to do (museums, parks, shows, etc.) but bring a car if you can.


It is a place where everyone can be themselves and learning is encouraged.


The best thing about my school is how genuinely nice and helpful all of the students and faculty are towards others. When I was a freshman I struggled with General Chemistry and sought help from my Professor, who not only helped me, but found several other students who were also struggling and introduced us to eachother so that we could work through problems together. Not only is help available academically, but also socially. My residential advisor is always checking in on me to say hello, offer advice, or even just to give me a hug!


such an incredible education with the best people in the world surrounding me


The best thing about Washington University is the attitude of the students that go here. Everyone is so friendly and willing to lend a helping hand. It definitely makes the college experience fun!