Washtenaw Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


There are so many people from different races, backgrounds, religions and cultures. Here all religion coexists and we live peacefully in a friendly environment including Muslims, Christians, Atheist, and Catholics. This college is very liberal which has a direct effect on the open-mildness of the students. Lesbians, gays, bisexual, transgender and queers are all comfortable here. The sexual orientations have students club and encourage each other. Here at WCC we don’t focus on what divides us but what do we have in common. I’m from South Carolina but prior to attending WC my Aid package was available.


The diversity of ages, races, and religions are the best things about WCC.


Washtenaw has a great many facilities to offer its students including a coffee shop, large library ideal for studying, and free tutoring centers like the writing center. No matter what you need there is always somewhere to meet people, study, and get extra help.


the best about washtenaw community college is that it has smaller class sizes and most of the professors also teach at other major 4-year universities like the University of Michigan or Eastern Michigan University. So it's like getting a U of M education without all the bad things about a big school, like a big classroom.


Amazing environment and quality professors to teach subjects they are very knowledgable about! I went to WCC when I was struggling academically and now I feel like I can go toe to toe with Harvard students!