Watkins College of Art Design & Film Top Questions

What should every freshman at Watkins College of Art Design & Film know before they start?


As much as it would have been helpful to have someone there to guide me through senior year, I would not go back in time to do so. Not because of some cliche, where there would be a paradox that could mess with time-space continuum and ruin everything (which is valid), but because senior year is supposed to consist of struggles and life changing decisions. Every experience is independent, and to change that is only to conform to someone else's standards of what life one should have. If one does not feel comfortable on a team or is just not the competitive type, they should not feel obligated to "try a sport". If one has a job to support their family or so they can look beautiful for prom, they should not feel obligated to "be in a club". I know multiple authority figures who cannot be punctual or spend too much time on one student during an art critique, so why should one master time management by the end of high school? My only advice is try the hardest you can, and if you fail that means you are growing into a person who will be somebody.


Hey, buddy, I know you're freaking out, but take it easy. Take this semester off. You'll feel better with a little break. You can go hang out with David on campus and make some friends, get to know what goes on there. You know, scope it out. High school was pretty bad, some serious stuff went down, but college is going to be way different. You'll have to work your butt off, sure, but you'll feel so much more relaxed. You'll feel like you can do it. And you can. Go for it, buddy!


As a single mother I felt stuck. Not being able to take care of your kids financially is the worse feeling in the world. That's when I decided to go to college. Unfortunatly I chose the wrong college to attend.I was expecting many job opportunities with my Associates Degree but I was dead wrong. I havent had a steady job since I graduated in 2004. My sister told me that the medical field is high in demand and that I should try going to college again. Reluctantly, I decided to go back to college and this time I am trying the medical field. I filled out an application with Sullivan University it looks like I have a chance afterall. The staff has been very prompt and reassuring . They have helped me understand how valuble my services will be needed. My son has ADHD so the online classes really help too. My first class starts very soon and I hope this will be an experience I will never forget and neither will my kids.


So far, I have learned to motivate myself in ways I had never anticipated I might. Each semester I have taken 15, 16, or 18 hours of classes, along with a part time job (sometimes 2, depending on the season), while being a member of the Sea Scouts of America. This semester I even directed a play! Throughout much of this, I have had to take care of my own needs, balance my time, and beyond all things perservere. Even as some of my classes challenged me in ways that I found new, uncomfortable, and even vexing, I had to motivate myself. Small though it may seem, I feel that this may be the most important lesson I will learn throughout my entire college career.


It has changed my life!! I returned as a mature student and found a whole new life waiting for me. It expanded how I view my world and how I engage in it. I feel that my position in it is one of changing it as much as I can, to make it more hospitible, greener, helping those who need it and to become involved! I am compelled to become involved in my environment, my community, my world. It has changed my world and I am so grateful for this opportunity. I am presently in graduate school to continue education. My wish is for every person to experience higher education!


I would tell myself that life isn't one big party and that I should listen to friends and family when they tell me how important school and studying really is. I would teach myself better ways to save money as opposed to just spending it all the time, and that if I do need to buy something really think about how important it is. All in all if I could go back 5 years and talk to myself I would mostly get the point across that I need to wake up and realize that life is happening and it doesn't stop. That I need to grow up and stop living in a fantasy world where I'm the most important person and whatever anyone says to me isn't worth listening. I would tell myself that school should have been and should be my number one focus.


As a high school senior, I had no idea what all college had to entail. I only knew that I wanted to further my education. From what I've learned now in college, I know that it is important to prepare yourself. I would have adviced myself to appreciate both time and money. Time management is one of the most important skills you should learn before college. I wish that I had received better tips on time management before entering college. I is also important to appreciate the times you have to relax and spend with family and friends. I have also realized the value of working for your money. As someone who is working hard to pay for school, I would advice myself to start saving money for college early. College is more expensive than I first realized. In addition, the transition from high school to college is sometimes a shock. I would advice myself to have more self confidence and learn decision making skills. Even though I had the support of my parents, I quickly had to learn to make decisions for myself and my future and have the confidence to follow my goals.


Do not wait to enter college, as soon as you graduate head to college. Also get you parting out of the way now because it will screw you up for your first few semesters.


Enroll in college directly after High School graduation. Follow the path that you are passionate about. Get started; you can change your degree interest later, if necessary, but get started early.