Waubonsee Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could travel back in time and talk to my high school senior self, I would tell myself that going to a junior college is not something to be ashamed of. I would actually advise myself to go the junior college rout. Although I was mentally ready to leave the house and live on my own at a four year university, financially, junior college is the best rout for any student, especially myself. I would tell my senior self that I should be proud that I earned the grades that I did and that going to college at all was something to be proud of. I would also tell myself that the competition at NJCAA level of softball is still completely different than high school and that I should extremely proud to be able to play at the next level because a lot of athletes don't make it this far. I really wish I could travel back in time to tell myself to be proud of all of my accomplishments and not to hide them from anything.


If I were able to travel back to my senior year, what advice would I give myself? It is hard to say, as the mistakes I have committed have already happened by then. It would be far to late to motivate him to do better his high school GPA, he cannot commence in a four year institution with such poor grade point average. All I would be able to say is to start early sign up for courses now, do not wait up till the Fall. I would also mention some helpful resources like khan academy along with a motivational preach. However, there is something besides college life that I would like to warn him about. It is about the lost of a precious friend, man’s best friend. I would say to part as much time as possible to him and enjoy all the moments he would have with him. That would be worth all the while.


Make the right choices in choosing the best college for your major and stay driven with my education and never give up on any classes that come my way.


The best advice I would give to myself is do not give up. There are times where I feel down and when I feel down, I cannot go on. However, if I kept going I will accomplish something in my life. It is very important to not give up because if you do then you are wasting your life away. It is like you have no sense of purpose. My purpose is to accomplsih my goals and succeed in what I do. I wanted to major animation because I love to draw, paint, and most of all, I would love to create my own animated movie and/or television show. If I just give up, then that dream would never happen. Life isn't going to come knocking on your door and say, "Hey, here is your degree," or "Hey, wanted to work with Disney Pixar?" I have to make my way and earn my degree and my future career with the step I took to accomplish my dream. My high senior me would definently be excited to get out of high, however, when you are out of high school, you are on your own: life is full of surprises.


If I could magically go back in time and talk to myself about college and the tranistion, I would tell myself to not be so nervous and that everyone is trying to do the same thing I am in the world. I would tell myself to not stress out about the money to pay for college, because, let us face it, I already know I am going to be in debt for a long time because of college. I would tell myself to chill out about Waubonsee, and just because it is a community college does not mean it is not a real college.


If I had the opportunity to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would probably tell myself to keep up the good work. Since my highschool days, I have kept the same good academic habits that I've always had. I would tell myself that I am definitely on the right track to becoming successful in life and that all my hard work will pay off someday. However, I would advise myself to put just a little bit more effort into some of my work and apply for a lot of scholarships! In high school, I worked hard but sometimes I would think, "That should be enough." I only applied for two scholarships, and I was lucky to get one really good one. "So, Yesenia, if you really want to make it to New York one day, all you have to do is put in 110{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} in everything you do and go after those scholarships! Don't be afraid to try something different and take a chance!"


I am Jamel L. Brown, Founder of GraceNotes, a nonprofit Organization. My Priority project is Lady sings the Joy. Lady sings the Joy is a summit which meets for 12 months of the year. It is comprised of a group of 12 ladies spending 120 days out of their year receiving and exchanging ethical, moral and productive life experiences. Each member will possess a strategically developed plan that allows them to demonstrate efforts and achievements that are representative of their diligent, consistent and dedicated character. I am here to help you put your plan in motion. The plans that we incorporate will include your educational goals, career goals, financial assistance, budgeting, living expenses, etc. The word community is defined as a body of people living in the same place under the same laws. Your community will consist of a group of ladies who when faced with challenge will conquer as they have commanded. Women from all walks of life have made wise choices under the leadership of their summit, these women now use their prestigious achievements and endowments to assist you in your journey. It will cost you nothing but time. Yet, it will pay-out for a lifetime, welcome.


If I could go back and talk to myself when I was in highschool I would tell myself to not stress out and don't be ashamed. When I was a highschool senior it was very stressful to think about college. When I had to decide to go to a community college it was shameful to tell my friends, who were going to experience "true" college life at a university. I felt that my education would not be as good at a community college. I was wrong of course. The past 2 years at Waubonsee have been great. The professors are just as qualified as a university professor and the courses are the same here and at a university. Its nice to know that I got a good education for a fraction of the price. I would tell myself as a senior that I am going to be alright and that the school you go to doesn't define you as a person, its just a stepping stone to the rest of your life.


Looking back to my senior high school year there were a few tips that I wish someone would have shared with me. I now know that keeping a strong and close relationship with my instructors is vital to a great classroom experience and full understanding of the material being presented. I would have told myself to meet and take time out of the classroom with my instuctor to get all of my questions and doubts answered. A lot of one on one time with them has helped me to achieve outsanding grades that I did not always have. After all, the college experience should be great, we should ultimately all be attending the school of our choice. That is why I would have also liked to have shadowed a student within my field of study for a day to get a good feel of how my college experience could be like. I think the best college tip of all though, is to be familliar with our resources. We are offered a great deal of help that is there specifically to meet our needs therefore we should take advantage of them. After all we are paying for them!


If Icould go back in time to my senior year I would tell myself to plan ahead! Planning and organization is the key to prepare for college. Plan college visits, and take every opportunity out there. Apply to ever school you've dreamt of going. Apply for every single scholarship and prioritize! I was very involved in sports,which can be a good thing, however I wish I hadn't made that my number one priority. I let sports distract me from my schoolwork and in the long run it only hurt me academically. If I could go back in time I would tell myself to work on my time managent, school always comes first, then fun. After all academic responsibilities are in order, I would remind myself to have fun. Senior year is the last chance to make everlasting memories with friends, I wish I could go back in time and not get so caught up on working all the time. I wish I had gone out more and worked less, because like they say, "these are the best days of our lives!"


If I could go back and talk to myself at eighteen it would be a short conversation. I would simply tell myself; "Read and do the homework at the time it is assigned. " "Don't slack off with things that are not as important, if you do the work early, you'll have time to slack off later" "Cramming is a pain and can be prevented" Then I would slap myself up side the head because I know the younger me would think to ignore the advice.


The best advice I can give you, Tim, or any other future college student, would be to SAVE MONEY. As you know, in recent years, you have taken for granted a fantastic summer job as a caddy at Rich Harvest Farms, as very private, very exclusive golf club that pays extremely well for your age. You have the chance to make a good deal of money each summer, but instead you "don't feel like caddying", or "you have other plans". In this country, you need money! Unfortunately, the situation is deteriorating rather than improving. So, it is that much more important for you to get out there and work, work, work. Once you make that money, though, you can't just go spending it all in one place! Save what you can, always. Don't eat out every day, multiple times a day, don't push your car's engine so hard that you use a full gas tank in nearly half the time do,n't buy clothes that you don't need, etcetera. Furthermore, give all you can to others, so that they too, can exist as stress free as possible. Live like you are dying, buddy.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would remind myself that it was a great decision to work hard and graduate early, even though it took alot of my time. I would have told myself to take more classes at Waubonsee than I did my first semester because I know now that it was not difficult and I could have challenged myself and been able to get my associates degree earlier. I also would have told myself to apply for more scholarships during high school, because I know now how expensive books are for all of my classes.


If I had the chance to go back in time, during high school, there would be many things I would want to say to myself. Including being better at school so that I can go to a prestigious 4 year college and tell myself what I truly want to do in life, what I should major in instead of changing my mind a few times. Yet, I would not tell myself anything. The reason, is what some people call the ?butterfly effect?. If I followed my advice, I would not be living the life I am right now. Granted I went to a community college majoring in business and then later decided to major in sign language interpretation. If I did go to a 4 year college, I would have never met my friend at Elgin Community College who then introduced me to my now husband. I would never have met him, lived in Germany since he was in the Army and was able to travel the world. Who knows what my life would be if I told myself this advice, but I am very happy with my life and wouldn?t want it any other way.


i would tell myself to get it together amd go back to school stay focused and get a career.not only do you need it to mak eyou life better but your daughter needs it so you can make a good life for her


I would have pushed myself harder during highschool to keep my GPA over a 3.5. Alot of scholarships out there today, are looking for people with a high GPA. I also would have pushed my self a little harder on the ACT. I got a 20, and alot of schools were shooting for 21 and up. The last thing i would do differnt is took college more serious when i was in high school. When i was in high school i listened to my parents say we cant afford a university, go to a community college. I feel like i just settled for a community college, when that wasent really what i wanted. Now that i'm a little older, i see you cant always listen to people. If you want something in life you have to go after it yourself. I'm striving to win scholarships to pay for my tuition next year at Illinois State University.


Dear Mayra, I know things look really difficult now, but the best advice I can give you is to always try your best. High school might seem to be dragging on forever, but it's a process and once you get to college I know you'll really find yourself, and you'll see that it was all worth the wait. Coming into college may seem like a super scary step forward, but another piece advice I want to give you, are you ready? Don't stress out! I really think that if you take your time, think things through, and DON'T procrastinate ( I know that's a tough one) you'll be just fine. Always try to do your work at the time that it's assigned and it's easier when if you know ahead of time that there is and assignment, get started on it right away. Obey mom and dad, they know what they're talking about. Keep in touch with old friends, make new friends, be the best person you can be. Trust God, everything happens in his time, REALLY! When it's going God's way you know it's the right way.


If I could go back in time to senior year of high school, the first thing I would do is press into my mind the importance of applying to scholarships no matter how big or small. Struggling to finance my education has created a burden which can effect my grades. It forces me to work many hours per week leaving less time to study. Scholarships such as the one I am applying for now are a huge help for students in my situation. I wish I was more aware of the opportunities out there to help my future. I have taken to college life rather well and hope that I may be allowed the privilage of devoting more time to my education through the help that scholarships such as this will bring.


First and foremost I would give myself advice to find a good mentor. Preferably someone who is not a family member, but a good friend who is older and that has already gone through the college experience. I would find someone who I feel comfortable with who, I know, is caring and willing to give me advice. The next piece of advice I would give myself would be to diligently seek financial aid, whether it be grants or scholarships. No matter what, I would and should constantly be alert to scholarship opportunities. I would also advise to meet with my counselor regularly or whenever I had any questions. I would make sure that the classes I would take would be classes that would transfer to the next school I plan to attend. And finally, I would advise myself to always take a full load of classes. This would be in order to stay busy and out of trouble and to understand the meaning of discipline and organization. Having a strict schedule would help me get the things I would have to do done. It might take some time, but with experience, it would help for future classes and college experiences.


I would say definitly do alot of research on what you really want to do. Check on the universitys and what they offer, use the guidance counselors to help apply and find scholarships, it is almost impossible.