Waubonsee Community College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known that sometimes, you do not need to buy books everyday. For the first day of school, that no one brings anything to class, and to relax, because everyone going to Waubonsee is in the same boat as you and they aren't there to judge. They are there to go to school, get their courses done to go on and do whatever they plan to do next, just like me.


When I saw a counselor at the college before I attended any classes, he did not refer me to the correct counselor who helps the students planning to join the ITP program (Interpretation Training Program). Because of this, I was ?lost? in my first semester.


I wish i would have known how small the school really is. They have recently built on to it, but it still seems small.


I wish I knew more about how to find scholarships and how important and necessary they are to funding my education.


For transfer students, it is important to contact not only the counselors, but the counselors of the transfer school you might plan to attend. I wish I would have known what classes I needed and did not need to take in order to make my transfer as smooth and less tedious as possible.