Wayne Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I was to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior and knowing what I know now about college life my advice to myself would go something like this. Shameka I know that you are scared because you are about to walk across that stage with a baby on the way but don't be afraid. College life is not what we think it is. Shameka the work is not hard and you will be able to accomplish everything you ever dreamed of. You will be able to go to college and still raise your daughter at the same time. We will make it to the Deans list and you will pass each class with flying colors. Think of it like the T.V. show A Different World just more structured. You will meet a lot of new friends and you all will bond like family. Shameka everything is going to work out just don't give up. Ask for help and watch how God opens each door for you.


If I could go back and talk to my high school self, I would tell myself to concentrate on school work and not on what other people thought of me because when you mature, it really doesn't matter anyway. I would tell myself to just break up with the boy I dated all through high school because he is going to dump me senior year anyway and focus on learning because the things I was learning in high school really were preparing me for life in the real world. I would tell myself to do more for the community and make more friends rather than just being shy and keeping to myself. Networking starts with friends! I would also tell myself not to smoke that first cigarette because I would totally regret it later and warn myself about how much money I would spend on cigarettes over the years, finally stopping at the age of 30. It wasn't worth it! I also would tell myself to listen to my counselors when they told me to apply to colleges and for scholarships and to think about the future. THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE. The present will soon be the past.


I would tell myself to work on college apps and scholarship applications as early as possible, becuase as the deadlines approach, it becomes increasingly difficult to set oneself apart from everyone else, hence decreasing one's chances of getting into college or receiving a scholarship. Furthermore, I would tell myself to apply to any scholarship or college that I wanted to, for I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


I would tell myself to take my education seriously. There were times in high school that I had an "I don't care," attitude. I would tell myself to prepare for college and to apply for financial aid and scholarships. I would also tell myself to always do my best in everything I did. Join school clubs and organizations and strive to be the best student possible.


I would slap myself silly. I was popular in high school and did the bare minimum to get by. I just assumed I would follow my friends to college. I would tell myself that I am being a fool and to open my eyes and look to the future. I would tell myself that friends are great, but the future is mine and mine alone. My friends are going to get me into college or land me a high paying job, only I can do that. I would tell myself that if I don't work harder that I will be staying home and going to community while all my friends move on ahead with their live. I would tell him how hard it is to catch up achedemically. I would advise myself to buckle down and do more, try harder and realize that only I have the key to succeed. I would tell myself that I can do it, but only I have the choice to do it now or work harder for it later.