Wayne State College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school may concern the dormitories. While I have never lived in any of the Wayne State College dorms myself, I have visited them and toured the buildings on different occasions. I have noticed that many of the dormitories on campus could use minor updating and renovating to benefit students. For example, one dormitory in particular does not offer air conditioning, which can be uncomfortable, especially in the summer months. I feel this situation could be addressed in order to allow students a more comfortable environment in which they are to study.


The most frustrating thing about Wayne State College is that everyone leaves on the weekends. Most students head home or to friends houses by Friday afternoon and don't come back until Sunday afternoon or evening. I don't usually stay on campus over the weekend because it's so quiet and there isn't anyone to talk to.


There isn't much to do for entertainment off of campus on the weekends. There are lots of campus activities during the week but you do have to travel up to a half hour to go to the movies and such on the weekends.


The most frustrating things about my school are the limited parking and people smoking. There is not a lot of parking for the freshman class. We have the most people and not the most spaces. The other issue is smoking. There is no smoking in the dorms but everyone seems to smoke as close to the dorms as possible. One cannot walk somewhere without getting a face full of smoke!


I would say the most frustrating thing about my school is that there isn't really a lot to do. Most people just study and hang out in our lobbies. It would be great to get some more programs going.


All of the general education classes required.


The food. I feel like the food service here is very unhealthy and is cheap. And the only way they will listen to you is if you are on the food board. I think students should be able to fill out a survey at any time for the cafeteria and submit it. I also wish we would know about the different changes they are trying to do to make our experience better.


I don't really find anything frustrating that is a big deal here.


That everyone goes home on the weekends.


About the most frustrating things about this school are the other students. They are, a lot of times, set in their own ways and views. We have very active religious communities, which is good if you agree with their views, but it can get very depressing, and kind of hostile, if you do not.