Waynesburg University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person with goals, who will be forced to use their potential to its fullest. Someone who has faith in themselves, the world, and of course God. Outside of the school atmosphere, a person who likes to party and have fun but when necessary understands grades come first and there won't be a party every day.


The kind of person that should attend this school should be ready for a lot of work. The professors push you so that you get a good job to graduate. You should also have a strong religious backround.


Someone who has a strong faith and a desire to do well in school should attend. It is a very good college for someone who is enthusiastic about learning and willing to expand their education beyond the requirements of their classes. Activism for underpriveledged countries is a huge topic at Waynesburg, and it is very easy to get involved in community service as well.


A prospective student that should expect this school, should be used to small classroom sizes. Professors care if u do not attend class. They care a lot about your learning. Also, you must be willing to commit time to serving. Waynesburg is a university founded on faith, learning, and serving.


Someone who is from a small hometown or from a small high school. Someone who enjoys the country and having time to themselves.


Basically anyone could attend this school. There are many diverse groups of people. I recommend this school for people who don't like the whole party scene and would prefer to hang around the house with a few friends and watch movies.