Weber State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Average Joe


Someone who wants to pursue a degree and/or a career


Weber State is a great school for non-traditional students and students who aren't sure what they want from life or career, as well as students who feel they ruined their opportunity for a good education in high school.


A person that isn't looking for a party school but seriously wants a good education. Most of the students are non-traditional, they take their education seriously while having a full life outside of school. Weber State student makes close friends, without the cliques and peer pressure that high school and undergrads are known for. A student who wants to avoid trying to fit in among 100 person classes where you never learn anyone's name can find it at Weber. Weber is very affordable but has a strong curriculum so a student doesn't have to sacrifice either.


This is a good school for someone who is trying to get their education quickly, without hassles.


Like a mini stapler, Weber State is a good "jump-start" school if a student is undecided about their major. It may seem small, but it holds a lot of opportunties/staples. It's a good school to wade into when beginning the trasnistion from high school to college; or beginning the transition from the working world to college. Weber State is a stepping stone to bigger and greater things.


Someone who wants a quality education without an ivy league price tag. If you are going into education, criminal justice, automotive technology, nursing, political science, or dental hygeine, this is the school for you. Weber has programs that compete equally with other colleges like UCLA, Stanford, or more locally the University of Utah and BYU.


People that are looking for a good education without the high prices or overcrowded campuses.


Hard working


Those who are intrested in buisness, health, and pre-med. They have a great health department and buisness department.


This school is mainly for people who are somewhat conservative. There are a lot of people of the mormon religion here and that can be a bit exclusive. However, the outdoor fun is always good here. There is snow, hiking, rock climbing, bike trails, fishing, etc. There are a lot of jobs for students both on and off campus.


Laid back, hard working person who knows there's more to having fun in life than dinking and sex and, of course, who wants a good education.


Those who are looking to better themselves.