Wells College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Wells id best known for its Book Arts Center, which is one of few in the country. It is also well known for its English department.


We are probably best known for our traditions. We have so many of them and they are all so fun and unique! We have Odd/Even competitions in the fall for the women and spring for the men. This is probably the most prominant tradition. We also have tea time during the sem break where you can have cookies and tea/coffee with your professors and just relax and take a break from class for a while. Its a really great school with great traditions that make us feel like we're truly part of a community and family!


Small, close-knit community with a strong academic program. We are a diverse, liberal arts college often referred to as the "unknown Ivy League".


Wells College is best known for its acceptance of who you choose to be. No matter who you are or think you are this year Wells and its students will stand behind your decision.


Wells College is most known for it's concentration on its students. This is done through the small sizes in classes and small number of overall students. It is also known as a liberal arts college. There is also the clam and relaxing setting of the campus but there is a serious and studious environment for the classrooms.


I suppose it might be our ghosts. We are the second-most haunted campus in the nation. I did not believe in ghosts until I went to Wells. One night, when I was walking back to my dorm, I swear I was followed by one because I saw it out of the corner of my eye, and the lamp above my head flickered off. I had been told not to look over my shoulder at the ghost, or it would kill me, so I didn't.


Three words: American Girl Doll. The lady that invented them is an alum, and, surprise surprise, she now hates the school because of their red tape, corruption and lies. Also psychology majors, I guess.


Our small size and strong community--traditions, etc.


Its traditions, small classes, history, location and its alumnae connection. It was once a women's college and now is a co-ed institution, this process has given Wells students an interesting and very different philosophy and education.