Wells College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


You really have to be "weird," but I mean in a good way. We love to do crazy things and you have to be able to laugh at yourself. But really any type of person could come here. There is a place for EVERYONE! Athletes "nerds" "band geeks" and "popular" kids are all one in the same. You'll see someone out on the lacrosse field one day, then the next night singing in the a capella choir concert, and then hosting a party that night! It doesn't matter... you'll be accepted for who you are.


People who attend this school now are socially liberal adults who are fairly active in and aware of their political surroundings. There is some diversity amongst the students but not too much.


Any Kind.


An open minded person who enjoys dicussion based classes and voicing their opinion, while also listening to others. Someone who cares about their education and wants to attend class, since our classes are small and you are noticed if you didn't attend class. Someone who wants personal student professor relationships, as we have small classes. Someone who enjoys traditions, as Wells has many, and is willing to get involved on campus. Someone who is okay with living in a rural area, and enjoys the beauty of it, including the lake, waterfalls, and many places to hike.


Someone who likes the setting of a small school and would appreciate having a good relationship with their professors and peers. The Wells College community is like a family. Most students attending Wells are from communities similar or the complete polar opposite.


Someone who is not afraid of learning; of having a place to speak your mind and others who are may not look like you, but want to learn and experience life just as much as you. Diversity is abundant and knowledge is a form of expression. However, knowledge comes in various forms - learning here at Wells is more than math and science, which are just as important, but not solely - the arts are held in just as high regard and cross pulination in various feilds dispite your aniticipated major is highly encouraged. Plan to be different.


I have found Wells College to be the most accepting and welcoming envirnoment I have ever been in. No two people are alike- especially here. We are a small school but you will definitely find a diverse group of students to befriend and learn from.


The kind of person that should attend Wells is a free spirited and caring. The Wells community is very accepting and open to all walks of life.