Wentworth Institute of Technology Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The location is the best part about Wentworth, it is located in the middle of Northeastern and Mass Art, with MCPHS, Simmons, Emmanuel and Wheelock all down the street. You are always around people your age, and all the schools besides Northeastern are part of Colleges of the Fenway, so you can join clubs and also take you electives at the other schools. At Wentworth, unlike other architectural schools, you get to jump right into the drawing and construction of models. at other schools you have to study the fine arts side of it first.


We have a co-op program, so you work for 6 monthes at a time and then go back to classes for 6 monthes at a time. It's great because you get hands on experience before you graduate and it looks better on a resume than someone who graduated with no experience. You get to meet professionals in your field and form relationships with them. If you do well on a co-op, they may offer you a full time job after you graduate!


The community is so close at the school, I kow so many different people but it's all part of Wentworth.


WIT is a really great school for design students. Each student is require to complete Two co-ops before graduation, which is really good to help them get jobs.


Professors are easy to talk to and its right in the heart of Boston


small size, in city, good architecture program


Internship opportunities


What impresses me most about my school is the level of education which I'm receving there. At first it was a shock to me the amount of school-work that I would have to do and the quality of work requried of me, but after two years of attending Wentworth institute of Technology, I can say that I am that much more better prepared and academically competitive.

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