Wesleyan University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Everyone at Wes is tolerant. If you weren't tolerant, people would beat you up for being an idiot. I have seen every type of student you could think of at parties, and I felt pretty comfortable talking to people I had never met before. Its a pretty intimate school and there isn't much to feel afraid of. Everyone tries to pretend they never had a financial background. When I was at an Ivy League school, I felt classed-out of conversations, of parties, and of being friends with people. At Wes, you could be a millionaire or you could be homeless and no one would give a shit. Everyone is fairly politically active, and with all of us focusing on creative stuff at a liberal arts school, no one is really expecting to make any money when they graduate. Unless they are going to law school. But who wants to go to law school?


Wes kids don't care much for money. They love life and art and sitting around for hours discussing movies and books and people and their dreams and their travels and philosophy and everything but those things that "adults" might say are what matter.