Wesleyan University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is its financial difficulties. My school is at budgets lower than ever and as a result is threatening to remove its need blind status. This puts in jeopardy the status of future wesleyan students


Weather : )) Since I am from Gerogia, the South, I am pretty sure I will have a hard time adjusting to a new climate change. I hear that it gets extremely cold. However, everything else about the school is quite wonderful.


The worst thing about Wesleyan is that most people do not realize how serious people take academics here, but after looking inside the classroom, every students' commitment is evident. I'm not going to lie--some people view wesleyan as a hippy liberal arts school that does not value the importance of a strict enforced education--and to an extent this is true, but it is in this dynamic environment that students flourish in academic, community service, and athletic endevours.


I often regret that my school is not big enough for certain departmental deficiencies to be ignored. If a particular major is not terribly popular, there are few teachers and, if those teachers are not great teachers, it can truly ruin all interest in pursuing that major.


I disagree with Wesleyan University's decision to make campus housing and dining cumpulsory all four years. I think this economic segregation cut off students from the surrounding community. Sure, students still go down to main street for the pharmacy, bank, etc., but the student body would be much more integrated into the Middletown community if they lived off campus for at least part of their college experience. What is the use of going to such a socially-conscientious school if you are not challenged to be conscious of the community right around the school itself?


As someone from a lower socioeconomic status, it is hard to be always surrounded by people with a lot of money.


The worst thing about the school is how much it costs. Especially in this economic crisis, it's hard to feel totally comfortable paying such high tuition. Also, it's hard knowing that other schools have very high endowments that allow them to have lower tuition, but Wesleyan has a much lower endowment, and so tuition is very expensive.


Because the campus is small, gossip travels quickly and some student communities on campus tend to be subtley exclusive.


the admisistations obsession with making people jump through hoops


The worst thing about my school is that although almost everyone is accepting and open, there are still bursts of hatred that occur on occasion. I feel like these people do not belong in such an accepting community.