Wesleyan University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The student body is really active and engaged. Lots of people engage in all kinds of activities, many completely unrelated to their majors. Because of the level of engagement, it is normal to have friends who are all majoring in different fields, or have a wide range of extracirricular interests. This also translates to a high level of discourse in the classroom and lots of community engagement.


The best thing about Wesleyan is the amount of choices you have when it comes to your academic major. Many students double, even triple major, and many majors here are extensive interdisciplinary programs. The students here also tend to be honest and friendly about their lives and academic careers, making it pretty easy to make friends.


The best thing about Wesleyan is the academics. So far, I have really enjoyed all the music and psychology and language classes that I have taken. The professors are helpful, and usually good about giving second chances. The classes themselves are interesting. I don't like math, but I took a math class to meet core requirements, and I didn't mind it at all.


That just about anything goes (as long as it's not harmful to others). You wanna LARP? LARP. You wanna do mad science research? Done. It's all here, and the school is great about supporting it. The students don't wait around for things to be given to them - a lot of what happens on campus is student driven, and the student government is great about supporting it, both financially and otherwise. It's a great place to come and figure out what you want to do and who you are.