West Chester University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


This school is fit for almost anyone. People who enjoy small towns and communities should definitely attend this school. West Chester is a beautiful town, located right off campus. There are always opportunities to go out and do whatever you want; everything is located a few blocks away. Everyone here is friendly and cheerful, the professors honestly care about your education, and the food isn't even that bad.


I think that any type of person could and should attend this school. West chester is full of great people, professors and students alike. As a student it is not hard to make friends, everyone is very open and looking to make new friends all the time. The school is in a great location and it has a very cozy feeling towards it.


This school is mostly known for people who wish to study a music major. People who wish to succeed and not get lost among the 13,000 students should attend. Even though it is like a mini Penn State, your name is not forgotten.


West Chester University is an academically focused school, particularly in the areas of education and the humanities. Serious students in either areas should consider enrollment. The campus is both open and friendly, perfect for those who wish to be involved on campus or in the community. There are numerous opportunities for involvement both on and off campus, and one residence hall has an office where students may volunteer in both West Chester and Philadelphia.


A person with a good balance between having ambitiont to achieve there goals but also wanting to have a social life outside of school and hanging out with friends. Yeah this school can be challenging but it's not impossible to prioritze your social life and your education.


The kind of person that should attend West Chester University should not go to parties or do anything that could get them into trouble. Instead, they should be focused, get involved in clubs/programs, and they should spend time with positive people. I suggest that they should be organized and stay on top of their school work because each semester moves very quickly. Also, they should utilize the library and the human resource center, where they will be able to meet with tutors for extra help. They should be dedicated and willing to learn.


This university is extremely diverse. There are activities for athletic people, as well as musical people. There are over one hundred clubs and greek life groups to be a part of. The academics cover a ride range of careers, also. A person who is open minded and willing to try new things would definitely find himself at home at West Chester University. On this campus, there is something for everyone. However, he or she has to be willing to search for their niche.


Someone looking to explore different career paths or someone looking to study music.


West Chester University has something to offer for many different types of people therefore this school can be the right choice for anyone. Diversity is a key component at this school. People that are open to meeting different people and understanding the cultures of others should attend this school. Attending this school requires you to be independent and do a good amount of work on your own, therefore you need motivation. Individuals that have drive and motivation should attend this school because that will help them become as successful as possible. West Chester University has opportunities for almost everyone.


Someone who likes to party and who still studies hard. Ideally, someone involved in frats, sororities, and who likes to make superficial friends.


This school is meant for anyone that is determined to work hard and better their education. It is open to any ethnic background and the suburban town offers a lot of things for students to do. Any individual who is looking for a school that they can learn to love as their home and grow to meet new people and learn new things about themselves and their major will love West Chester University.


I think West Chester university is an excellent choice for any person to attend. It is the perfect size, not to big and, not to small. There is a fair amount of diversity, and anyone who attends will certainly find a group they feel they belong to.


If you want to pay a reasonable state school tuition, and attend school in a nice town where there are off-campus attractions available very easily, then West Chester is a great choice for you. If you are seeking intense academic stimulation, and are hoping to be taken to a higher level of learning in your college career, then you might find that you are disappointed by what West Chester has to offer academically.


I think the kind of person that should attend my school is someone who is willing to come out of their shell and accept a very diverse campus. I feel that they should be hardworking and determined to get through college.


Anyone! It is a great school for a diverse range of people! Age, ethnicity, sexuality...the community is very caring and fun!


If you have a desire to learn, a willingness to succed, and you want to find the true "you" come to West Chester University. If you prove to your teacher/professor that you want to learn they will give you everything they have to make sure you become the best. West Chester is a fine institution of higher education but if your the kind of person who wants to party, skip class, and hang around you might want to go somewhere else.


West Chester University (WCU) is a public comprehensive university that offers a wealth of academic programs. It is a mid-sized school with approximately 10,000 - 12,000 students. The university has begun a major overhall of many campus buildings in recent years including, the construction of new dormitories, breaking ground on a new student rec center, a brand new school of music including a state-of-the art perfomnance hall, and future plans for a new school of business for the University's AASCB accredited business program. The university is undergoing many exciting changes.


A person who likes to party and network.


Someone that wants to live in a suburban area with a lot of activities and evemts. West Chester offers the opportunity for people to explore the town and partake in a lot of community events. There is a lot of diversity, which makes it easy for almost any student to fit in easily.


Anyone and everyone who enjoys a full campus. West Chester is an equal-opportunity campus, and they make sure that no one discriminates or belittles others, regardless of their background. If you enjoy walking and being outside, that's a plus, too, since walking to and from the buildings is required!


Anyone who is looking to gain a valuable education at a decent price should attend this school. The students are treated fairly, and the staff go above and beyond to help students get the most out of their college education. Also, those who want to have a fun and make life long friends should attend. I have met several new friends at West Chester University, and I can honestly say they are the brightest, most friendly people that I know. There are several drug-free activities offered so that students have the opportunity to have fun and meet others.


A person who likes diversity, stepping out of their comfort zone, and looks for great opportunities. A person who is also interested in networking and using their resources.


West Chester University is an awesome school for those truley dedicated to a great education. The students are friendly on campus and make everyone feel welcome. It has a wonderful reputation as a teaching school and offers a graduate program as well.


West Chester University is the perfect school for somebody who enjoys diversity and meeting tons of new people. I see fresh new faces every single day I am there, and I have met so many people with different lifestyles and beliefs, and in turn, that has made me a more well-rounded person.


The type of person who should attend my school, is someone who is hardworking and is very determined to succeed. My school model is expect excellence and anything that is less is not going to be tolerated. You have to dream big at my school and have confidence that you can do anything you want if you just put your mind to it. A person should have the will and drive to be able attend my school to go after their dreams so it can be attained.


West Chester is a great state school and is on the Top 100 Greatest Value list for colleges. It is a good size where you recognize people on campus and are not overwhelmed with the size. If you are interested in a nursing or business, you would fit in with majority of the students considering those are the popular majors. Our band is very well known, so if you interested in music, that would be a fun activity for you.


Any type of person should attend this school! It is so diverse, there is every type of person at this school. You will find a friend within the first few hours. No one is judgemental. Even if you are incredibly shy, someone will approach you and make you feel welcome.


Any type of person: The school has a really good program for future teachers.


A person who loves to get involved. This school is for anyone who likes a medium sized school that has various majors for them to pursue. This school is a good music major school and a very big education major school. This school has many great professors that are very highly qualified in what they are teaching. Most of the professors are this school have tenure and are doctors. This is a very diverse school. If there isn't an activity that you like then you can form it yourself. There is something at this school for everyone!


Any type of person can attent WCU and thrive happily. The university is flexible in its offerings and accomedations for all types of people, from shy to outgoing and so forth. It really will be a home for anyone open to the classes and people because they are already open to you.


Any person could attend this school. West Chester is not too small and not too big. There is a pretty wide variety of activities to participate in here. This school is especially good for education, seeing as it was a teacher's school. Anyone can be happy here.


Someone who is open to new experiences and looking to find themselves but mostly looking to be in education, sports or music.


Just about anyone could do well at WCU; it provides a warm and welcoming environment to students from all backgrounds in which each student is offered the best that the University has to offer, and any student is likely to succeed.


A person who does not want a school that is too large or too small, enjoys activities, and can enjoy a loving community with great food.


Someone who doesn't want a huge school where professors don't teach the class, someone who likes to be close to the city and not in a very rural area, someone who may want to participate in greek life.


A driven student should attend West Chester University. Those interested in studies related to music, business, and teaching will find this school a great option for pursuing a degree. The campus is located within walking distance of the quaint town of West Chester that supplies many students with employment, entertainment, and religious institutions. The West Chester student union provides entertainment options besides alcohol-related partying, such as weekend movies at reduced rates, sporting events, and special occasions. Many of West Chester's students are driven individuals who take their studies seriously, but also are involved in clubs and activities.


Liberals from PA who want to stay close to home and while still gaining independence by living on campus.


Anyone who wants to make a lot of friends and have very good memories. This school is really fun and the teachers are always willing to help. Make sure you register early for classes because they tent to fill up fast.


Nice, goal-oriented especially in the field of education


Someone who is driven and determined to succeed who has high self-motivation.


A motivated person should attend, with alot of school spirit.


like i said, there are a wide variety types of ppl here. probably those open minded where ppl are concerned and interested in ppl just in general


WCU is very accepting. I think most anyone will fit in here.


Students who are looking at colleges should attend West Chester, because its a great school in a really fun location. There are many majors available so if you dont know what you wanna do or change your major, you have many options.