West Chester University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think the best thing about West Chester University and the variety of programs and organizations that are throughout the campus. It gives students an opportunity to get involved and enjoy themselves while in college. As an inccoming freshman last year I found myself not being bored or wanting to go home because I had fun things to get involved in. There are a lot of leadership opportunites all throughout campus that looks good on your resume


The best thing about West Chester is our accademics. The classes here are both challenging and insightful, provide the optimum learning environment for a college student.


The academics and the school pride. In addition, I am also a musician... so it feels good to know that I can indulge in my creative side through campus activities.


West Chester University has so many varieties to choose from when looking for a major from English to Science courses and can help you gain the experience of the real world after graduation.


The best thing about West Chester is if you had a question about anything someone is there to help. The is very useful because a career is very important in a student life and it is taken seriously at West Chester. They have many resources available in offices to answer your questions plus more.


The best thing about West Chester University is that the College of Education provides an excellent program, with varied and relevant content. I feel that they do an excellent job preparing future teachers to enter the workforce.


West Chester allows for students to meet a wide variety of students. There are always opportunities to make new friends and connect with many inviduals. The school provides social opportunites like Sykes After Dark to meet new people and connect. There is always someone to rely on at West Chester whether it is academically or socially. I left this school with a large amount of friends that I can see myself staying in contact with for a while.


I think that the best thing about my school is the size. I think there are a perfect amount of students that attend the University and everything is in walking distance which is great for me because I wouldn't want to have to walk really far to get food, go to class, or go to the gym. Even the off-campus housing is very close to the campus.


The best part of West Chester University is hard to pin down. I sincerely love my school. The professors are definitely one of the best assets the school has to offer and one of the main reasons I ended up choosing WCU. Instead of being taught by a TA or grad students we are instructed in classes that allow us to focus and achieve because the professor is definitely a doctor in their field and because they are experienced in what they are doing. The out of classroom perks such as the location and friendly enrivronment top it all off.


The best thing I consider about my school is the Elementrary Education program. Its one of the best and thats the reason I chose West Chester. Also, along with receiving a teaching certification, but also receive a certification in Special Education at the same time you are receiving your teaching ceritifcation. The School also is alot of fun and always has stuff going on.


The best thing about West Chester University, are the people. I love the students and faculity at West Chester. The student population is diverse, but everyone get's a long and are nice to one another. The faculity is filled with people from many different cultures, and they are all more than willing to help the students succeed.


Value of the education as compared to its cost.


The best part of West Chester University is the Honors College, in which I have affiliation. I would consider the Honors College of the University one of its strongest assets because honors students have a chance to create a community by living on the same floor of the Allegheny Residence Hall, they receive priority scheduling, and lastly their general education requirements are substituted with the honors curriculmn. In addition, the Honors College teaches its students that to be honorable is to serve. The ability to learn how to serve with the knowledge I've been given is an invaluable gift.


The best thing about West Chester is the campus. Its easy to get around and its very nice. Every body is very friendly here.


West Chester is a very diverse university that enables students to get involed with a great deal of extra curricular activities. It is very good at encouraging students not to drink but instead to focus on their studies and learn more things every day to help enable themselves to be a more well rounded individual when they graduate.


The best thing about West Chester is everything. From walking around the beautiful campus to learning in the classroom, it really does have so much to offer. There are so many resources for students to utilize: writing center, tutoring center, women's club, health center, sports teams, a variety of clubs, and my favorite - the library. Class sizes are pretty small, usually around twenty to twenty-five students, besides lectures. Also West Chester is only a ten minute walk to the quaint town of West Chester, where students can work or hang out with their friends.


This school prepared me how to study. I wasn't told how to study, or told to do anything really. I just learned it on my own. I met so many people and became very social right away. I totally didn't think I would! But I do believe a college education is essential to growing up. Not just the degree, but the interactions and everything else you learn on the way! The staff is ready to assist in any way possible.


West Chester University gives its students the confidence they need to have after they graduate to get a superb job in the field they desire. Students here pay thousands and thousands less than most college students out there. The price I am paying to go here is well below what it could be for the quality of education I am getting. That is the best thing about West Chester University. I have the confidence that going to this college will speak for itself when I put that I recieved a degree from West Chester University on my resume.


The best thing about being at my school is that the peole here are very helpful and caring. I feel that this is what is best because, coming in at college you do not know what to expect, you need some people there , that will help you. Here at West Chester University, they have many people for that and they make you feel at home. I love it here.


The best thing about campus is making the friends I have made.


I really like the campus. I transferred here from Shippensburg University and I HATED it there. WCU has been such a great expeirence.


I think my school offers alot as far as diversity and acceptance. I say this because coming to this campus I have been exposed to many different styles, religions, sexualities, and personalities. I think that WCU does not descriminate against anything nor anyone. Which is why I love this school, because you are accepted, and I can be free with who I am as a Christian, and there are no limitations.


The best thing about my school is the friendly atmosphere. Everyone knows everyone and people aren?t afraid to stop and say hello. The classrooms are fairly small and you get to know your professor on a one-on-one level. They also treat you like an adult and a student wrapped into one. They don't forget that you have a life outside of school, which is important to many college students. I feel like West Chester is my second home, something that many college students don't get to experience with a big campus.


West Chester University allows you to get a great education no matter what your situation is. I have to work full time and go to school and my advisors are always doing whatever they can to accomidate my needs. They want to make sure that I am getting above and beyond what I pay for, because they know I work hard to pay for it.


The best thing about West Chester University would be the location. There's easy access to Philadelphia and main towns/cities without it being too busy or disruptive.


The people are the best thing about my school. Everyone (the teachers, the students, the people at the library and the financial aid office) is very friendly and helpful. My advisor has really helped me out, and always makes time to talk to me when I have problems. I've made some of the best friends I've ever had here! There's almost always someone around to hang out with or study with. I'm really shy, but no one's made me uncomfortable (and absolutely no one has treated me badly because I'm gay!).


The best thing about WCU is the enthusiam all the students and professors have for learning. It is readily apparent that the students here WANT to learn and want to further their careers. The professors are wonderfully helpful and always willing to give extra help whenever necessary.


the size of the campus


I love the people there. They are alot of fun and I can always find something to do. There are many surrounding schools around me and a few bigger cities that we can travel to for some fun.


the social life


The best part about West Chester University is the level of academics balanced with level of social interaction. It's very easy to learn in an enviornment that is supportive with new and old friends and that is what is here. You are able to have friends go to class with and hang out with and also go to new activities to meet new ones. The most beneficial aspect from this school for me is being able to learn and and grow with friends.


The best thing about WCU is the large number of academic and extracurricular opportunities that are available to students over a very diverse field of interests. There are many opportunities at WCU for resume and career building, persuing a new talent or interest, and extending education way outside of the classroom.


The best thing about my school how friendly people are the how approachable the professors are.


As much as I enjoy attending classes and being on campus, the off campus atmosphere is incredible. If you wake a walk down the street, you can enjoy the downtown shops and restaurants with your friends. You can bring a book and enjoy a cup of coffee. It's very inviting and enjoyable.


The area surrounding it has a lot of things to offer such as things to do on weekends, or finding a job.


Campus life was amazing for me. I could never forget the memories I made or the amazing people I met.


Small town with a big city feel, never too far or too close to anything


Everyone just seems so nice to be here!


Though the students here tend not to focus on work and focus more on having fun, it would be fair to say that you will have fun because everyone student wants everyone involved with a good time. West Chester has a very, "come on in and make yourself at home" attitude.


WCUPA is a very diverse and active school. There is always something to do even if you are a "weekend warrior."