West Kentucky Community and Technical College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who is not a white protestant, or an African-American should not attend WKCTC. WKCTC is extremely conservative, and people who do not fit in to the racial stereotypes should not go to WKCTC. Immigrants should not go to WKCTC since the people in Paducah have a hard time adjusting to cultures that are not their own.


If socializing and being entertained by big lights and endless city activity are major influencing factor s surrounding your choice institution, then WKCTC is not the college for you. Be prepared to dedicate yourself to your studies and then on your spare time maybe attending an open mic night at a local coffee shop. If you don't like friendly folks who aren't afrade to wave at you as you drive through the campus, then once again WKCTC would let you down. DOn't attend WKCTC if you don't like slang or twang.